Keeping it Real

I was going to share my fitness journey over the past year but since I’ve been in a two week slump and just now fighting my way out of it, I’ll wait until next week when I’m back on solid ground and feel a little better about the subject I’m writing on!

One of my many resolutions I made this year was to “keep it real.” My interpretation of keeping it real means being true to yourself and who you are. I wrote it down in hopes that I would stop comparing myself/my life/my family to others. It’s easy to look around and get boggled down by what other people around you are doing/going/hanging out with etc…

My focus for most of my life is and has been on things that truly don’t matter in the long-run. It doesn’t matter who you know, how much money you make, how big your house is, what kind of car you drive, what size clothes you wear, or where you go!

Because, A house with nice expensive things can burn down, a car can be wrecked, a body can change, a shark can bite you on the most amazing expensive beach trip ever (just saying 😉 )

I’m tired of comparing myself to others and their lives!

I have a good life. A simple life, but an awesome one nonetheless. I have a great family, a job that I love, and a roof over my head. I have it so good. My mom reminded me of that. She reminded me that everything here is temporary and our focus should be on eternal things and not material things.

So why waste another precious moment on this earth where I’m not guaranteed a tomorrow by trying to gain material things in attempt to “keep up with others” or try to gain the approval of others. It’s not worth it. Plus, no matter how hard we try, you will never please everyone.

I don’t want to be someone I’m not. The woman I truly am is not concerned with fashion, make-up, expensive cars, houses, latest trends, etc.

I care about my family. I care about others who are hurting and in need.

I’m most comfortable and happy with my hair up in a messy bun, no make-up, wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and flops. I love being around people who love to laugh, help others, encourage one another, and who do not get a rush by gossiping and putting others down.

I’m 31. Not 13.It’s time to be thankful for the life God gave me and the only thing I need to worry about from this point on, is living my life for Him and loving others to the best of my ability.

Here’s another great quote!


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Chore Chart and Weekday Morning Schedule

So one of my resolutions this year included getting more organized…pretty much in every area. I know I strive under structure and I’m about 100% positive Little Man is going to be the same way.

Because just swinging it isn’t flying anymore. He needs to learn responsibility and time management. I’m tired of the constant struggle to get him ready in the mornings before school and tired of repeating myself to pick up toys, put clothes away, etc…

So after getting some great advice set out to create a system that will help both of us out.

It’s a work in progress and it’s not set in stone but wanted to get something going and use trial and error to see what will work best for us. You have to start somewhere!

Little Man seems to be motivated by rewards… I think at 5 years old, we are not yet ready to give money in exchange for chores. In our house, TV time and video games are the big hit. I detest both and even more so every day that goes by. If I had the only say, I would toss out both TV and video game console. But since I don’t have the only say, that’s not an option. But I want to really start limiting his screen time without making it seem like a punishment and start a wave of tantrums.

So, going to try to use it as a reward… he will have to “earn” his screen time now during the week (some don’t allow screen time at all during the week and only weekends but I’m not ready to make the jump there… YET!)

He will have three options… either earn points for TV time during the week, earn points for video games on the weekends, or earn points for fun outings.

I will have  a jar of Popsicle sticks each worth 5 points. After he completes a task or chore, he can choose a stick and add it to the TV, Games, or Outings jar. Once he reaches a 100 points, he can choose from a list of outings such as a baseball game, bowling, the library, the park, a picnic, laser tag, etc.

He can only earn up to an hour of video games a day for Saturday and Sunday.

Here is a “working draft” of the reward system (This is more for me to get in writing so I can keep up with everything).


Here is another “working draft” of Little Man’s Chores and Weekday Morning Schedule.

IMG_2761 IMG_2762

I had to create a  Weekday Morning Schedule because we struggle almost every morning getting out of the door. He gets up, turns on the TV, curls up on the couch with a blanket, and wants me to get him dressed and make his lunch, etc…

No more. (Ok, I’m not still dressing him…i’m talking about picking out his clothes and basically walking him through all the steps repeatedly from the bedroom or bathroom)

Now, in the evenings, he will choose what he wants to wear for the next day and lay it out. He also will now have to get completely dressed (for some reason getting dressed to him means just top and bottoms and then will almost walk out of the house without socks and shoes on!!), make the bed, and pack his lunch BEFORE the TV ever comes on. I have no problem with him watching a cartoon before we leave. It gives me time to get ready and get some things done. I will make his sandwich but he will now have to get everything else together and make sure his lunch box gets in his backpack. I will walk him through the schedule a couple of times to make sure he gets it and packs a decent lunch before setting him free with it.

We’ve never done chores before but I started the other week giving him things to do. It’s well past time that he starts. And you know what I found? He actually LIKES doing them! He gets excited when I praise him for a job well done. Who doesn’t like to receive praise for a job well done? But I noticed after a day or two, I would have to remind him… So, I’m hoping with a chart, he will be able to go to it each day to see what he needs to do, and after he completes a task, he will put a sticker in the box and can then choose a Popsicle stick as well as choose what reward he wants the points to go towards!

This is just a starting place for us. It needed to be done. I’m sure I’ll change things as we go forward with this but we needed to start somewhere!

Wish us  well!

I will post updates on how we both do with this! This is just one area I’m tackling… meal planning, bedrooms, and car organization, I’ll save for another week, lol. I can only handle so many changes at once! 🙂

Third tip on achieving your Resolutions… just dive in and DO IT!! Stop putting it off! There’s no secret sadly… just suck it up, pick an area that needs the most attention, and COMMIT to it! (Goes back to mindset, Tip #2) Also, make it public so now you know you have to give account to how it’s going!

PS: I spelled putt-putt golf wrong. I typed up put-put and of course because it actually spells a word, it didn’t show up and I just now realized it… lol. My Bad!

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Tackling those Fitness Resolutions


Each year, thousands upon thousands make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get healthy. Sadly, thousands fail. I’m pretty sure we all know at least 5 people who made those resolutions and weeks or months later, they’ve given up.

We plan, we research what diet plan may be best for us, and then we may join a gym or plan a workout schedule but when push comes to shove, it doesn’t work out.

Why is that?

Why is it so hard to complete a task or goal that we set out to do?

Lack of motivation? Lack of an accountability partner, support system, or cheer team?

Lack of time? Lack of money?

For me, it’s been all the above at one time or another but the list above wasn’t my #1 issue.

I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life but especially after my son was born.

I can’t even recall how many times I started a “diet” or started working out and a few weeks later, I’d be binge eating my favorite chips and sneaking in ice cream after everyone went to sleep. I’d stop working out and my gym memberships would go to waste.

That has been my thing for the past 5 years. Everyone who knows me and loves me even admits it’s true. I have a problem. It’s not because the motivation wasn’t there, trust me, it was! Looking at photos of me and having to buy larger and larger size clothes each time I went clothes shopping was embarrassing and humiliating! I wanted that weight off more than anything! No, I didn’t have a problem getting motivated to get moving
 especially when you would hear people talk about your weight and put you down for it
 there was more.

Motivation wasn’t my downfall.

I have a great family. My mother, sister, brother, and friends are all so supportive of me and have been for years. They have offered to be accountability partners, workout buddies, and have been my cheer team. But even with all of that, it still was not enough for me to keep going. I’ve also had several workout buddies along the way too at one time or another that we would try to keep things up but I would eventually stop going and make excuses.

The cheer squad wasn’t my downfall.

Time management has never been my friend, and even more so these days, time slips away from me. Having a family, working a full-time job, and keeping up with house and home really wear a person down! I know there are people out there who make it happen and make no excuses. They are up at 4AM and in the gym before 5AM and back home getting kids ready and out the door for work. There are those who make it happen like clockwork every day but I am not one of those people. I’m a horrible planner and trust me, I’ve tried getting up early in the mornings and get a routine going but the struggle is real!! I’m not going to sit here and say I can’t do it, because I know I can and I have before. I’ve made it work (more on that in another post).

No, time management while a struggle wasn’t my downfall.

I am so thankful to work for a company the past several years that will pay gym memberships for their employees. So, so, so very thankful! I don’t have to worry about that. I don’t have the money for a personal trainer and I wish I did more than anything, but you can do things at the gym or at home without a trainer. I have access to a lot of resources via friends, past experiences with a trainer, and Pinterest 😉

A lack of funds really wasn’t my downfall either.

So what was my downfall?

ME!!! MYSELF!!!! And I!!!

I was my own worst enemy. I defeated myself time and time again. I don’t know how many times I put myself down
 put myself down for getting to be so overweight in the first place, put myself down for failing, put myself down for not trying hard enough, and put myself down for thinking I could do it in the first place
I didn’t believe in myself. You have to first believe that you can do it, before you can achieve it.

I know it sounds clichĂ©, but Mind over Matter! REALLY!!! Reaching your fitness and health goals is 100% having the right mindset. No, really!! All you health fanatics and experts can say what YOU want but for ME it is 100%mental. Until YOU decide to change, you won’t. No one can make you. Motivation may get you started but when that motivation starts to fade, and you cancel on your friend for 4 days in a row, and you’re paying for a gym that you aren’t using, no cheer squad or person can make you do what you don’t want to do.

Again, only YOU can decide to do it. You have to get in the mindset that you can do this and again, believe YOU CAN!

Then, once you are in the right mindset… all the other factors will start to fall into place.

Here are some of my favorite quotes

mental mental2 mental3 mental4 mental5 mental6

Second tip on achieving/accomplishing your resolutions
 BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO IT AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF…again, in case you didn’t catch it on my earlier  post (and take a few selfies along the way!!)! BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT!!

IMG_2523 This was from last Saturday!

I’ll share my fitness journey over the past year in my next post. This one has been long enough!

Happy Weekend!!

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As Time Goes By

I’m still in shock sitting here that it’s been 3 years since I’ve blogged! How life has changed!

Below is just a very small sample of some things that have happened and/or changed!

I started a new job. I’m a social worker at a nursing home and absolutely love it! I can’t believe I’ve been there 2 and a half years already. The residents are great and I enjoy going in to work everyday! Thinking back, I’ve honestly enjoyed every job I’ve ever had so far. I can’t complain! I’ve learned from each experience and take what I’ve learned and apply it to the next!

We still live in the Loveliest village in the plains and LOVE it! There are days when I wish we lived up north in the snow… but hey, at least last year we had 2 snow days when all of Alabama shut down 😉

My Bugaboo is now a Little Man! He will be 6 at the end of May. I can’t believe it. He wants an Army themed party and I’ve already created an Army Birthday Pinterest Board and already planning everything out! (Remember, I’m trying to be more organized, right?) 🙂 And his big brother is now 18 and will graduate in May and then head off to college!!brotherly lovejoy of luck 036everyday Brocksleepy boyWell this little guy is now THIS BIG GUY!! 920837_10101323716712961_1725629797_o 1017198_10101442118045741_194620569_n 1374367_10101666719732161_1411351032_n 10329729_10102119695994101_9036091108333367627_o 10333723_10102190697671171_5107946259192816554_o 10410642_10102711342729301_8425674529315800114_n 10933839_10102685983644111_1003871602341709705_n

It just flies by!!

We still have our beloved Nacho! We still have a love/hate relationship. I love him until he pees on a rug or poops in Little Man’s room!may photos 109

I still love photography and am still taking photos! I’ve taken several online courses and workshops but as the kiddos say, TBH (to be honest) Photography requires a lot of money, time, training, practice, more money, and more time… and I just don’t have the time and money to put into it like I wish I could. I do a lot of sessions near the holidays as well as prom/homecoming and senior photos. Over the summer I shot a wedding in South Carolina and just recently shot a wedding reception for a couple who were married in India but had another large reception in the states so their friends could celebrate with them. And even this afternoon, I scheduled prom pictures for a couple of high school sweethearts! I will always love photography but I won’t quit my day job! 😉

Speaking of jobs, I recently started another one! (what they say is true…a woman’s work is never done!) I am an education consultant for Education Consulting Associates and promote MYCAA scholarships to eligible military spouses! So if you know anyone who may be interested in taking a certificate program that will set them up on a new and exciting career path, let me know! I started a new blog to promote what I do and naturally, I can’t remember the password to get in and waiting on password recovery to kick in. So, I may need to create a new blog down the road but for now, the address is It gives a 101 on MYCAA!

There have been a lot of changes made even in our town. Some for better and some for worse. For better, new trees planted at Toomer’s Corner. trees(Photo taken by the Montgomery Advertiser)toomersFor worse, these trees taken down 😩 Photo by me.

My sister was deployed in 2013 and came back safely home!! 548482_10101747621723921_176353156_n 1450804_10101747621369631_496618156_n 1476233_10101747622612141_1951409499_n

As I sit here and think of all that has gone down in the past 3 years, I’m thankful to know that some things are still the same. I still love my family more than anything. I have some pretty amazing friends, and I am content with my life. It is far from perfect and last year was really tough. But I made it and am better for it. It made me stronger and played a part in molding me into who I am becoming today.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for this girl!

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2015 Resolutions Part 1

This post might be a little long-winded. I can’t sleep (not off to a great start to go to bed earlier).

I’ll keep it simple though. Back in January, I pretty much made the same resolutions that I have made the past 5 years… lose weight, eat healthier, go to bed earlier, be more organized, be a better person all around including mother, and read through the entire Bible. There are several more and I’m sure I’ll get to them and talk about them at some point (I wrote out a whole page of things I wanted to work on).

Here’s where I stand mid-March:

~I exercise regularly at a local gym and love it! I have a great support team and use some great tools to help me stay on track! I’ll share more about that in a later post!

~I know how to prepare healthy meals but honestly just don’t make the time to meal plan and prep so pretty much eating healthier is an epic FAIL! But I’m working on it…maybe 🙂

~Going to bed earlier…I’m still up after midnight, aren’t I?? Although, honestly, I have been getting to bed earlier and sleeping more. Just not tonight. I have too many thoughts to process!

~I am becoming more organized and love it! We are busting out at the seams in our tiny home and it does make organization difficult when you have no space! (We’re moving in August, YAY!!!) I am so excited but trying to play it cool since we still have awhile to go! But just thinking about having more space makes me giddy with Pinterest organizing and home decorating delight!

~ I like to think I’m a pretty dang good mom, but being honest, I still need to work on my patience and learn not to get upset and yell. I know I’m not the only one out there who struggles in this area so that is a comfort but it’s an area I truly am not proud of and desperately working to change. I’ve read countless articles and tips but when the moment happens, all that goes out the window! It’s an area I’m giving over to God because I can not overcome anything myself… which leads me to my next resolution…

~Reading through the entire Bible. I’ve been a born-again Christian for most of my life and I am ashamed to say I’ve never read through the Bible. It’s not surprising to know that I’ve started many, many times but never finished. BUT this year is not just any year, 2015 is the year I stop making excuses. But I’ve learned the past several years and even more recently that I am nothing and cannot accomplish anything on my own and need a Rescuer to help me. And what a Rescuer He is! I’ve learned so much this year just in my Bible reading and devotions. Scriptures are coming alive and becoming more clear to me. I’m sure I’ll share some things throughout the year that I’ve read but now just excited to say that reading my Bible is a resolution that I am on track with and do not want to let it go.

Again, there are so many other little things that I wanted to work on this year and have started but will share more about those in a 2015 Resolutions Part 2.

I want to close with this:

dont quit quoteDon’t give up!! I’ve realized something recently… I’m worth it! I’ve failed at many things in my life more times than I care to count but one thing that is important to remember… never give up on yourself! And because I’m worth it, I have a Rescuer by my side, and believe in myself, I am going to succeed. It’s not going to be easy and it hasn’t thus far, but it’s been an interesting journey with many ups and downs! And this is what my blog is essentially going to be about… my journey to accomplishing my resolutions and everything in between.

First tip on achieving/accomplishing your resolutions… BELIEVE IN YOURSELF (and take a few selfies along the way!!)!


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WOW It’s Been Awhile!

I was taking a walk down memory lane and opened up the blog to read some past posts. I was shocked to see that the last post was in 2011!!


2011??? Has it been that long? It really does not seem like that long!

A lot has changed! But then, not really.

I’m still struggling in several areas and some of my resolutions have changed.

I really have missed blogging! I’ve missed reading my favorite blogs on a regular basis. Time is NOT my friend these days. I feel like I’m always being pulled in several different directions and losing my mind trying to keep everything somewhat together!

I’m excited to get back to this- more for me. I need this. I’ve never been good with diaries or journals but this, this I can do again.

I know I still want to keep with the Broken Resolution theme because my life has been full of broken resolutions and I’m tired of it. I feel that a lot of people struggle in this area too and I’m not alone. Since January, I’ve been working on several resolutions that I made and excited to see them come to fruition.

So, once more, I’m going to try this out and hope this blog will keep me accountable, even if no one reads it, I need this.

So, in the next few weeks I will be looking into updating everything on here and giving a rundown on things that have been going on!

2015 image

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Field of Family

The reason I’ve slacked on my posts the past month???

Because over the past month and past several weeks, I’ve been taking photos for several friends to increase my ever so limited photography skills and experience. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but it takes A LOT of time to sort through photos and decide which ones to edit. Pretty much, most evenings, after Bugaboo goes to bed, I hit the computer.

It takes a lot of time for me to complete a set of photos because I sit back and analyze each photo and ask myself what I should have done differently to get a better shot or how I should have positioned them or myself better to create a more unique look, etc… In the end, it is what it is and I’m happy with how they’ve turned out!

There is a lot more still to learn and I’m doing my best to learn it! Just completed a 16 hour online photography course over the weekend and still have several online courses to go!  It’s a slow process since it requires a lot of time and money and I’m lacking in both! But I’m ever so thankful for my family for being so supportive and for believing in me!! I couldn’t do this without them and hope to make them proud one day!

At the end of the year, I’ll have another pile of broken resolutions, but enhancing my photography skills and education won’t be one of them! I’ll have to post a resolutions update soon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS: Just noticed that two of the photos I uploaded were not fully edited. I have another set at home where I used Photoshop to remove eye creases, but guess I e-mailed myself the wrong ones!

PPS:  A shout out to my cousin back in Pittsburgh who won another big fight!! Congrats and hope to catch a match in person soon!!

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Trouble in Blogland

OK, so I don’t know what happened to the rest of my last blog. I had another photo on there and wrote a bunch of other stuff. Weird that it didn’t show up. I’ll have to update it tomorrow, but for now, I’m going to bed.

Still trying to figure out what happened with the rest of my post… argh!!!!!!!!!   Oh well.

Night guys!!

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Little Football Fever

Football is a big part of life down here in the South… it’s a matter of life and death these days. People get fierce when it comes to their football team, especially here in good old Alabama. You’re either for University of Alabama (BOO) or Auburn University (my alma mater).

In my neck of the woods, parents want their child’s first words to be “War Eagle” and groom their children from a young age to become little Tiger fans.

Naturally, I wanted this too. Now I’m not a die-hard college football fan. I only care about Auburn and that is because you cannot attend school there and not fall in love with the game, the atmosphere. There is nothing like being in a stadium with thousands of fans cheering… it’s something everyone should experience at least once. There is a camaraderie and you become instant best friends with the person sitting next to you.

And tailgating? It’s a must. Everyone here does it… it’s a great time to get up with family, friends, and co-workers to eat, socialize, and talk football. Ok, so I don’t really talk football. I don’t know who is who and really could care less. I just like to be downtown and be a part of the excitement and watch Bugaboo as he takes in everything. He is one adorable little Tiger and proudly says “War Eagle” and is learning the fight song. He loves everything Aubie (our mascot) and everything orange and blue.

Every time he sees a football, Aubie, a tiger, an eagle, or anything orange and blue, he goes crazy. I’ve even started to take him to the park some evenings to play but knowing that the youth football league is out practicing. He loves to run up and down the fence line when the boys run and he tries to mimic everything they do. We even bring his little football along. He wants to be one of the big boys so bad. He may not even be 2 and a half yet, but he has caught football fever. I can’t wait to take him to his next big football game. He went to his first one at 1 and sat through more than half a game and even took a nap!

Below are some photos of Bugs at our tailgate spot earlier in the season getting pumped up for the game. Orange and blue flamingos anyone?

Playing with an Aubie balloon, ok, he’s been punching it like a punching bag for past 5 minutes.


Well, I don’t know what happened last night, but there should have been more to this post than what appears here. I posted another photo of Toomer’s Corner and our beloved tree. The tree was poisoned by an angry University of Alabama fan and now the large old Magnolia trees in the heart of Auburn are dying. It was a sad thing to have happened but it’s not going to dampen our spirits or let anger and bitterness get the best of us. I HOPE that when we do play Alabama this year, that Auburn football fans will keep their heads held high and continue to exhibit the good sportsmanship conduct that we’re known for.

I can’t remember everything else I wrote last night but just that Bugaboo and I… We believe in Auburn and LOVE it!! WAR EAGLE!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!! I have the Friday song blasting in my head again, ARGH!!

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So this post is a little late in coming but figured since I couldn’t sleep and already cleaned the house and did laundry, there was nothing else for me to do except post some recent photos of Bugaboo enjoying Halloween.

Here is my little man as a giraffe! Doesn’t he make a cute one?

Here are some more that I love… Bugaboo and my one and only favorite big sis whom (is it who or whom? I can never get that right) he absolutely adores…

Here he is enjoying his prize that he won in a fishing game at our church fall festival…

Enjoying the big slide…

The  first official trick-or-treat… We went out with our friends and their daughter who is in the same class with Bugs. They have been friends since 6 weeks old! Love it! (The photos did not load in order and I keep having trouble trying to get them in order but no such luck!) 

We had a great time and enjoyed the night with good friends. Hope to do the same next year!

Well, it’s late and while I still think sleep is far off, I have to empty the dishwasher and throw the last load of wash in the dryer… One of my close friends from college is coming up tomorrow to stay with us for 2 weeks, so want to make sure everything is just right and homey! I haven’t seen her in over 3 years! She is now a Captain in the Army and being relocated near us. Her apartment isn’t ready yet so she will be staying with us until it is! Too excited and can’t wait to catch up. I’ll have to post about her later (we met in ROTC and even ran the Army 10 miler in DC freshman year together… a LONG time ago!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

PS: I’m actually looking forward to work tomorrow because I get to go to a medical conference on Diabetes for the first part of the day… which means no phone calls or case notes!! WOO HOO YEAH BABY!!!!!! FREEDOM OUT OF THE OFFICE AND OUT FROM BEHIND MY DESK!!!!!!! Sorry… they don’t let us out of the office that much as you can tell, lol. Any type of meeting or conference and we are all racing to be the first one to sign up! I just wish I remembered to accidentally unplug my phone so no one could leave messages 😉 j/k. Have a good one!



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