To Be A Woman of My Word

Hooray! This is my first blog post.  I am both excited and nervous at the same time. I am not sure on the best way to start one of these, so I am just going to jump right on in. Here it goes…

For a while now, I have grumbled and complained about the flooring in our bathroom. We live in an older home and I assume the bathroom still has the original classic white and pink tile as when it was first built. The floor tiles match the larger white and pink tiles on the wall as well. Simply put, it is UGLY and out of date. However, when you are on a budget, some things are just more important than flooring in ones bathroom. I have mentioned to Man-Child (husband) several times now over the course of months that I needed to measure and calculate the square footage of the bathroom and then go price tile at a local homebuilder store to estimate the cost of a DIY tile project. Then, maybe one day soon, we could finally work it into our budget.

 Yesterday afternoon, while driving home from church, Man-Child asked me what we had on the agenda for the rest of the day. I responded with a couple of chore type activities that needed some attention and then mentioned how I needed to measure the square footage in the bathroom so we could go price some tile. Man-Child started laughing and asked me if I realized how many times I had made that same comment and how many times that it never was done. Lucky for Man-Child, I was in a good mood and was able to laugh at myself along with him, because although I hated to admit it, he struck a nerve. How many times had I made that very statement that I was going to do something and how many times had I actually followed through on what I said? I didn’t like the answer.

I needed a timeout for some self-evaluation. I often say many things that I am going to do but rarely do it. I can’t even begin to count how many times in the past several months that I have said I was going to eat better, exercise more, study for the GRE, be more organized, or take more photos. Too many times to count, I’m sure. I am constantly making to do lists with the same things on them, because I’m not really doing what I say I’m going to do.  I keep putting it off or making excuses. Admitting that out loud to myself was hard. I thought about GQ (stepson, 14, future sports medicine physician and GQ cover model), my little Bugaboo (almost 2 and the joy of my life), and the example I was setting before them. How can I expect them to grow and mature to be men of their word and set out to do what they says that they will if I can’t even do it myself? I used to love lists. The feeling of crossing an item off when completed was awesome. I am tired of having the same to do list time and time again. One day, I want it to be said of me that I was a woman of my word and that if I said I would do something, I did it. I don’t want my friends and families’ first reaction to be that of laughter when I announce something I want or intend to do.  I want my boys to dream big and set goals and know that if they want something to happen in life, then gosh by golly, they had better go and do something to make it happen because nothing will happen if just sit around waiting for it.

 By writing this post and making it available to the public, I hope to create more accountability for myself to follow through on the things that I say I will do no matter how small or ridiculous they may seem. No more procrastinating and putting off tomorrow the things I should be doing today! I know in the long run, this will benefit me both personally and professionally.

 I figured since I was on a roll that I would share one of my mini (better to start small and gain momentum) “to do lists” for this week: looks pretty much like my list from last week, go figure!

  1. Have clothes ready and daycare bag packed the night before (I’m NOT a morning person and sounds so simple and you would think that it wouldn’t be a big deal, but when you hit snooze as many times as I do, TRUST ME, you do not have time to be standing in front of your closet wondering what to wear and worry about wrinkles) … which leads me to number 2
  2. Wake up twenty minutes earlier than I normally do because rushing is not fun and is not a way to start the day.
  3. Make bed each morning (because it makes the room look clean and more organized even if it’s not and clean rooms make me happy)
  4. Take vitamins (elementary, I know, but I’m getting older by the day, and calcium matters!)
  5. Do 30 minutes cardio everyday this week in preparation for (big gulp inserted here) 5K signed up for in mid April
  6. Tackle one spring cleaning chore each day after work so I don’t spend my up coming weekends cleaning
  7. Have daily quiet time to myself, even if it is only for 5-15 minutes.
  8. Start thinking about my personal “case plan.” (A term we social workers are all too familiar with… I’ll go more into this on a later post)
  9. Case notes, case notes, and more case notes… Have I mentioned case notes?

Wow… I didn’t think this post would be so long-winded and I apologize. I hope that future posts will not always be so long. Thanks for reading and happy Monday!

 Disclaimer: Nicknames for family are apparently the “in” thing to do in the world of blogging. All the cool bloggers are doing it. So, who am I to mess with what works? I’m sure nicknames will change based on my mood, creativity, or until I get told to change them. 🙂

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13 Responses to To Be A Woman of My Word

  1. Earth Momma says:

    Go girl! This was a great beginning. I’m proud of you and I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Congrats on the new blog! Can’t wait to see where it takes you. And you can change family nicknames as often as you like, as long as you keep “Man-Child”. That one’s priceless!

    • Ha ha! Well, he doesn’t know yet that he is “Man-Child.” But if the “boot fits” (sorry, Bugaboo is in a Toy Story phase. We watch it everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY. So now I find myself quoting phrases from the different Toy Story movies all day.)

  3. Dianna says:

    Welcome to the blogging world! You’ll love it; it’s addictive, so add blogging to your to-do list!

    Looking forward to more posts!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I think I started running around the office yelling that I had a new comment on my blog before I realized that it probably wouldn’t go over so well if everyone in the office knew I kept checking my e-mail for comment updates, lol. I look forwarded to hearing more from you!

  4. Dianna says:

    Welcome to the blogging world. You need to add one more thing to your list: blogging! It’s rather addictive.

    Love the photo of your little one on your header, and I’m looking forward to reading future posts.

    Visiting from L & V.

    • I had planned on adding it to my to do list for this week but didn’t want to put too many things on there at once. I’m already struggling to do a spring cleaning chore a day as it is! 🙂

  5. Tara Beauchamp says:

    You go Katie!!! As you know I am a list person as well and it never hit me that my lists are like yours, they always tend to repeat the same things over and over again! I can’t wait to continue to read your blog. I might even start my own!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tara, you are one of the most organized people I know. I really don’t believe that you would NOT be able to cross off all the things on your list. It’s not like you work a busy job, go to school full time, spend every morning at a daycare for your practicum, or babysit in spare time or anything. 🙂 Yes, you should start your own! We got this!

  6. Barb says:

    Katie, You’re not alone. I think this blog will encourage a lot of women. I’m so proud of you…keep it up! 🙂

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