A Case Plan

A case plan is like a map. It lays out your destination and shows you various routes you can take to get there. I have done a lot of thinking lately on where I would like to go and what it will take for me to get there.

I’m bad with directions. Bad is an understatement.  I even get lost with a GPS. One time I opted to take a short cut identified by the GPS to get to a client’s house and ended up in a middle of a field, literally. I followed an old dirt road that led me to a middle of a pasture. I could see the destination, my client’s house, up ahead, but a fence prevented me from cutting through. I ended up having to turn around, and go back the long way and still took several wrong turns before finally getting there. What should have taken me about 25 minutes to find, took me over an hour. I don’t know why but old county roads are confusing to me in this area, and I quickly learned that they confused my GPS as well. Recalculating is a word I heard a lot that afternoon.

I say all of that to say this, if you do not know where you are going beforehand and do not have a definite plan on how to get there, you have a higher chance of becoming lost or sidetracked along the way. Even worse, find yourself completely off path. You have to be careful and wary of shortcuts. Sometimes, they are more trouble than they are worth. The perfect real world example is weight loss. I took the diet pills and lived off diet shakes for a long time (a quick fix and they worked), but as soon as I stopped taking the pills and drinking the shakes, my weight came back on. I did not take the time, to incorporate healthy eating and exercising. So, on this journey, I want to make sure I give myself plenty of time to reach my destination as well as do my best to plan the most Katie friendly and healthiest way to get there.

Wow, it’s sad that it takes me several paragraphs to try and explain what I’m thinking… anyway, here it is.. my case plan AKA my map with directions. This is a rough draft and may change slightly throughout the remainder of the year but here are several of the resolutions that I made at the beginning of the year. I am giving myself until the end of the year to do my best to accomplish them.

 Case Plan

  1. To make healthy lifestyle changes  
    1. Exercise more and regularly continue kickboxing class at gym as well as train regularly for local 5k runs.
    2. Move to unprocessed foods cutting back on pre-packaged meals and learning to bake more from scratch.
    3. Learn how to plan, prepare, and cook healthy meals and snacks sign up for local free cooking classes in our area.
    4. Get more sleep if I want to wake up 20 minutes earlier each morning, I need to make sure that I go to bed 20 minutes earlier.
  2. To lose weight (I hope to at least lose 25 pounds by the end of the year, but kind of afraid to set a number. My goal is to incorporate the above and current need and if I do that, then, weight loss shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I think?)
    1. Do the above
    2. Cut back on my diet soda intake and drink more water. Stop wasting money on buying diet soda.
    3. Eat smaller portions
    4. Find some self control pray for it if I have to
    5. Learn to say no to everything offered
  3. To be more organized
    1. Stay on top of routine cleaning
    2. Don’t let things pile up including laundry, mail, papers, toys, stuff, etc
    3. Know that everything should have a place, if can’t find a place, get rid of something
    4. Do not buy junk or nick knacks that will clutter up a space
    5. Do not let closets and drawers get too crowded. If too crowded, items need to be pulled for bi-annual sale or donated.
    6. Get rid of clothes and items that never wear or use.
  4. To learn more about photography
    1. Continue taking free online classes, webinars, and workshops.
    2. Put my photos out there to be critiqued and learn to take positive criticism.
    3. Spend the time to learn the editing process and not just applying actions. Read free online tutorials and practice, practice, practice.
    4. Not be afraid to ask others for help or tips there are many nice photographers who know A LOT more than me out there who do not mind helping others.
    5. Try new and different things. Ask friends to take their photos and stop being afraid of disappointing them. (I have a fear that people will not like the photos that I take of them and will be too afraid to tell me) Sad, I know. Fear of failure
  5. To stop being so shy and be more outgoing
    1. Be the first to say hello in a room full of people.
    2. Schedule more play dates and try to meet new moms in my area.
    3. Get more involved in community events by volunteering or something like that
    4.  Try to meet new friends with same things in common
  6. To establish a nightly routine and set bedtime for Bugaboo
    1. Yes, it is true; we STILL struggle with bedtime for our almost two-year-old son.
    2. Need to identify the time we want him in bed, set up a routine, and stick with it.
    3. Get home earlier.
    4. Plan meals and nighttime activities ahead
    5. Be consistent
  7. To follow through on the things that I say and set out to do
    1. Stop worrying about what others think
    2. Start out small
    3. Surround myself with positive people who are encouraging and uplifting
  8. To blog my journey up through the New Year
    1. Determine to blog at least twice a week
  9. To take the GRE
    1. Sign up for a test before the end of the year
    2. Once I have a test scheduled, plan a studying schedule
    3. Ask for help on the math parts that I have forgotten since high school and college already ( I HATE math)
  10. Personal
  11. Personal

Sorry, but I do have a few needs/goals that are personal but I know what they are and will do my best to be accountable for them as well. 

It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep. (I am off to a bad start as far as getting more sleep goes) I am sure nothing is making sense as far as what I am writing, especially my map and direction explanation thing in the beginning. I figured it would be easier to explain case plans that way versus a social work textbook explanation. I hope that you are able to understand what I am trying to say. I have a hard time getting my thoughts organized enough to write anything-coherent most of the time. If my writing is all over the place, you should peek into how my mind works… It is time to get organized though and write my resolutions out and plan on how to achieve them this go around.

Take a deep breath… resolutions, ready or not, here I come!

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4 Responses to A Case Plan

  1. Dianna says:

    I’m wishing you luck on everything. But don’t be surprised if “life” doesn’t go according to your plans!! Just sayin’! And enjoy it, even if things on your list don’t get done.

  2. Kathy says:

    Katie!! I’m so glad that you commented on the blog. I had no idea you were doing this, but I’m now officially your follower (I think I signed up correctly). Either way, you are now going to be put on my blog!!
    I must get to the point — you mentioned trying to eat healthier and cook more, I’ve recently been doing that myself. I’m trying to cook at least 5 days a week with veggies even! If you are interested in some good websites there are a couple on my blog and I’ve been getting 99% of my recipes from allrecipes.com. Who knew we could become so domesticated!!

  3. I know. On Sunday I came down with a bad sinus infection and sore throat. I start coughing up a lung just walking down the hall or talking more than a few words. So, needless to say, I have not been to the gym or jogged this week. Go figure. A week and a half before my run. Things always pop up when I least expect it to, but I’m learning.. “because life happens”… and I just have to go with it!

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