Doxie Palooza

Nothing ever goes as planned… I swear. I completely forgot that I had to work from 9-4 on Saturday but thankfully was able to switch my schedule around so that I could work from 11-6 instead. That meant that we would be able to go and check out the Doxie Palooza but not stay the entire time. I have never seen so many Doxie’s at one time in all my life.

There were some dressed up in costumes while other just sporting the “bare-naked” look like Nacho.

Nacho enjoyed saying hello and meeting new friends. He wanted to run and play with everyone but he is too good at the disappearing act and he would run off if not in a fenced in area.

We checked out the racing lanes to let Nacho run but before we could do a trial run, Bugaboo started playing with the balloons and before I knew what he was doing, he unclipped the balloons and they started flying away. I tried to catch them but they were too high. They got caught in some trees next to the race site. Man-Child and I realized no one had seen what happened, and let’s just say, we nonchalantly walked away from the scene of the crime. Horrible, I know, but I was embarrassed and really, who doesn’t secure balloons to a fence when there are children around, Hmm??? Yah, that’s what I thought. We had a good laugh about 15 minutes later when another child released the other set of balloons on the opposite side of fence. His parents did the same thing we did. Looked around nervously and bailed. We thought it was funny. Ironically, both sets of balloons ended up in the same tree.

Bugaboo was enjoying himself. He called every dog there “Nacho.”

There were black ones; leopard spotted ones, chubby ones, muscular, big-boned ones (such as our Nacho, lol.) We don’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him he is overweight, so we simply tell him he is all muscles and bones!

Nacho did get a chance to shine in the “bare-naked” Doxie show but was not able to race. I had to leave at 10:45 and they were still finishing the dog show. The race hadn’t even started and it was too hot and humid for Man-Child to keep up with Nacho and Bugaboo alone, so they left shortly after I did.

It was a fun morning and I wish Nacho raced but there is always next year. We know now what to expect and will plan better next go around.

Here is Bugaboo smooching Nacho… looks almost like he is choking him… brotherly love…

Hope you guys are having a great Monday… Oh a shout out to my cousin who is now one of the Golden Glove Boxing Champs back home in Pittsburgh!! Woo Hoo Yeah Baby!!


Tomorrow I am going to share a recipe with you that I got off the Pioneer Woman’s food blog… and yah… I’ll share with you how that went… or rather… didn’t go…

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9 Responses to Doxie Palooza

  1. Dianna says:

    That looks like fun. That was hilarious that the other couple did the same thing you did when their little one let the balloons go! Funny stuff!
    Sorry Nacho didn’t get to race…..

    • Yah, I love how the mom quickly grabbed their childs hand and joined the rest of the crowd… only because I had literally just done the same thing! It’s all good. He will hopefully race next year. Man-Child said that he is going to put Nacho through training this next go around and will be unstoppable! 🙂

  2. Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family is something I love to do.

    Fun Family Activities

    • Thanks for stopping by! I live for the weekends to be able to hang out and play with the fam. I hate that I have to work but it is what it is… so I try to make the most of it on the weekends!

  3. LindaSalem says:

    Lucky me!! I happened on your site when you’re having fun with the doxies. I very much enjoyed the pictures. My ex-husband used to own a wonderful and kind hearted doxie named Dinky – poor guy. My ex didn’t name him; the people who owned him before named him so he was stuck. He’s passed on now but he was a sweetie. Thank you so much for making us part of your day. I was also wondering where you were that it was hot and humid. In Oregon, we’re still all about the rain so I envy you the sun but not the humidity.

  4. Yay! So glad you found your way over here! All the way down to Sweet Home Alabama! 🙂 It has been in the 80’s all past week. Today, it is much cooler. We had a nice thunderstorm last night and the rains cooled us down a bit, thank goodness. I love the cold weather and would choose to be in it over 80 degree weather anyday. Well, some days.
    I think Dinky is a swell name! We are huge fans of the movie Nacho Libre and so when we found our dog at the animal rescue, there was no guessing, we KNEW his name was Nacho… it just fit. “Dinks, Dinky, Dinkeroo”… I would have had fun calling his name out in public! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  5. Keiffy says:

    Great blog….wish I could have been there

  6. Barb says:

    Very cute post…loved the photos. Have to agree that Nacho needs to cut back on the carbs! Don’t we all! 🙂

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