I survived the 5K!!

So this past Saturday morning, I ran and finished my first 5k race in almost 6 years. It was such a great feeling to run across the finish line and complete something that I set out to do. (yah, that’s me in glasses.. can’t wear my contacts again for a few days thanks to pink eye!)

Friday evening, we had a terrible storm (tomorrows post), and I wondered if the race would be cancelled or not. I did not know the weather forecast  for Saturday, and not going to lie… I hoped it would be cancelled, lol. I didn’t get much sleep, and truth be told, I was nervous. I was nervous that I would not be able to finish the run and would embarrass myself.

Well, my alarm went off Saturday, and I didn’t even need to pull back the curtains to know that it was bright and sunny out. It was absolutely beautiful outside. You couldn’t have asked for a better morning to have a race. It was sunny and cool with a nice breeze.

My sister and I initially planned to go by ourselves, but Man-Child and my mom wanted to come cheer us on. So, we packed up the car and headed out.

We arrived late (but still had to take a pre-race photo), so we had to rush to get our numbers and head out. We jogged until we needed to stop, and do a fast-walk for a minute or so, and then jog again. We did not want to kill ourselves our first time out. I knew we were not exactly prepared to run the full 5k and was ok with the fact that we would have to walk here and there until got in better shape down the road.

All in all, we ran a mile and a half and walked a mile and a half. Yah, yah, laugh all you want, but it’s a start! J My knee started to bother me a little halfway through, so, just listened to my body. I realize that I am still out of shape and not in the best running physique, and it will take time, to get where I need to be.

I’m so glad that Man-Child, Bugaboo, and my Mom came to cheer us on and be there for support. It meant a lot. Man-Child even said that he wants to run with us the next go around.

There will definitely be a next time. I am already looking into when the next local run is to sign up!

Sorry that it took me so long to post, but this past weekend was a busy and these past two days at work have been rough. But I’m here!! Hope you are still hanging in there with me!!

Hope you guys are having a great week so far.

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4 Responses to I survived the 5K!!

  1. Dianna says:

    Hooray for you!! I can’t imagine participating in anything like this. (I do walk 30-45 minutes almost every morning though.) Hope the pink-eye is better — no, I hope it’s completely gone!

  2. Congrats, Katie! I’m so excited for you. The photos are great. I love that you are SMILING while running. It reminds me of My Baby when she ran her first 10K last month. Such an accomplishment. I couldn’t run to the bathtub if my butt was on fire! I’m so proud of you.

    • Thank you! I really had a good time. The weather was perfect and running with my sister was a lot of fun too. There is another 5k in May that benefits a local animal shelter, so I think we are going to sign up for that one as well!

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