Hail Storm

I LOVE storms.  Absolutely love them. Ever since I saw the movie Twister, I secretly wanted to be a storm chaser. Of course, I have never been through a major storm or ever even seen a tornado and I’m sure I would be singing a new tune if I had.  But I don’t know if it is the loud roar of the thunder or the dark ominous sky that gets me, but there is something that draws me in every storm and I find myself watching and waiting in anticipation.

Friday afternoon, our boss informed us that we were going to get hit with a bad storm around 5:30pm.  She was going to let us go thirty minutes early to give us plenty of time to pick up our babies and get settled at home.  It was Friday, 4:30pm and I wanted to be anywhere other than my desk, so when she said we could leave, I was outta there. I picked up Bugaboo, rented a few movies from Red box and settled down inside to wait for the storm.

I didn’t have to wait long.  A little after 5:30pm I heard the first low rumble of thunder in the distance. The sky slowly started to get dark and I found myself peering out the window to see what would happen next. It started to rain and not even a minute later, the rain turned in to hail. I have seen hail before but nothing like this. It was POURING… not just rain, but marble size hail. In less than a minute, hail covered the yard.

Man-Child being the half man half child that he is( I say that with love), walked outside to find out the size of the hail coming down. Not even a few seconds later, he was yelping and running back in side after being pelted in the head and arms with the hail… all I could say to him was “Here’s your sign…”  Men… all I’m gonna say on that one, lol.

A few minutes later, the hail stopped. The rain stopped. Fog appeared everywhere. It had been such a warm humid day and then add hail to the mix… anyway; here are some photos that I took.


 I’m thankful that in our area, we were kept safe and there was only minimal damage from the winds.  We were very fortunate.  I didn’t realize how strong of a storm cell this was, until I read online the following day about the tornadoes, homes destroyed, and lives lost.

Wishing you guys a wonderful Wednesday!

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2 Responses to Hail Storm

  1. Dianna says:

    Hail is very scary. We knew of man whose hand was broken when they were caught at the race track during a hail storm. Sounds like a cozy evening for you and your family though. I smiled when I read about your hubby going out in the storm.
    I was sitting on the floor in the hallway during the storm (because we had tornado warnings). My hubby was in our bedroom and wanted me to come in there to talk to him. I told him he could talk to me in the hallway!

  2. Sadly, I was only worried about my car. In my mind I pictured broken or scratched windows and dents on the hood. Thankfully, The Captain Midnight was fine. I found the whole thing exciting, I feel bad getting excited over a storm, knowing that people lost their lives and homes… but storms really are beautiful to me. There is just something about them…

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