Low Country Boil

This past weekend, I loaded Man-Child, GQ, and Bugaboo in The Captain Midnight and crossed the border into Georgia for a good old-fashioned Southern low country boil. Low country boils are famous in the South, especially Georgia, so I’m told. One of my best friends is getting married in May and we (bridal party) organized a couple’s shower and decided on a low country boil theme.  One of the bridesmaids, Lindsey, organized the event and her father offered to make the food.

A low country boil is a great main dish for any party and the other night was no exception. A combination of potatoes, corn, kielbasa sausage, and shrimp along with old bay seasoning prepared in an outdoor cooker equals a plate full of yumminess.  This dish was definitely a crowd pleaser!

My readers should know by know that I am not good at explaining things too well and while I’d love to give a great narrative and use a bunch of adjectives to describe this dish, I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

Enjoy! Tomorrow is Friday… so excited!! That means the weekend is almost here and I can spend two days at home with my Bugaboo!!!

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3 Responses to Low Country Boil

  1. Dianna says:

    Looks like lots of fun! Colorful photos!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It was… I haven’t been to too many couples showers, but this one was by far the most exciting. It was fun to watch the men in the company of so many women ooooooohhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhhhhh over every little gift, etc… they could have cared less about the towels or dishes and laughed at the women, but as soon as a power tool or yard tool was opened.. Now that right there is a dandy! Just look at that pretty little thing!! and add a country accent.. 🙂 enjoy a nice sunset over the lake on me!

  3. Oooo… The Complete Package and I love a good boil. We put all the same ingredients in it your friends dad did, but we like to sprinkle ours heavily with a spicy seasoning just before digging in called Slap Ya’ Mama. I like the regular variety in the yellow can. TCP likes the hot version in the red can. It will make your lips burn, but it is SO GOOD!!!

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