Not Your Average Sandwich

I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret of mine, most days; I completely and utterly dislike cooking! Yes, it’s true. I am not one of those women who love to cook, garden, or decorate. I’m just not. None of those things comes naturally to me.  On top of having no natural love or gift to cook, I have to be in the mood to cook and those moods usually only come around the holidays or summer… so that means that I usually cook a lot of “old faithful” meals such as spaghetti, chicken and veggies, fish and veggies, meatloaf, and taco soup. Sound boring? It is. I know the basics of cooking but know very little about spices to make a dish pop. It’s a good thing I can follow directions on a recipe, because without them, I’d be lost.

So where does a person who normally prepares boring meals go to find inspiration to shake things up? Blogland of course! Last October, I was looking for inspiration on cute fun Halloween treats when I came across Inside Nanabread’s Head blog. I was instantly hooked and have looked to her blog for laughs and inspiration ever since. So when she shared a family favorite recipe, I was eager to try it out and see if it would become a favorite in my family as well.

Flank Steak Sandwiches with Soy-Ginger Mayonnaise.

What You’ll Need: Soy- Ginger Mayonnaise

  1. mayonnaise ½ cup
  2. Soy sauce 1 tbsp.
  3. Honey ½ tsp.
  4. garlic ½ tsp.
  5. Ginger 1 tsp.
  6. Sesame Oil- ½ tsp.

The original recipe called for fresh ginger but I just used ground ginger that already had in my spice rack. I did not have regular soy sauce at home, so used Maggi Seasoning instead. Also, I never bought sesame oil before but there is always a first time for everything!

Simply mix all the ingredients together and then store in the refrigerator until the meat is ready.

What You’ll Need: Sandwiches

  1.  Flank steak 1 ½ lbs.
  2. Garlic salt ½ tsp.
  3. Salt and pepper to taste
  4. Vegetable oil (if use skillet)- 1 tbsp.
  5. French bread
  6. Soy-ginger mayonnaise
  7. arugula 2-3 cups
  8. Purple onion ½ cup

Another little confession, when I was at the store and read where the recipe called for flank steaks, I panicked. I didn’t really know what a flank steak was and did not want to ask anyone. (Sad, I know, but I’m not really a big steak person and if it doesn’t call for a filet mignon or T-bone steak, I’m clueless.) Also, time was not in my favor the night I made this and I needed something quick, so instead of buying flank steak, I purchased a box of Steak-Umms sliced steaks. Instead of Arugula, I used romaine lettuce since I already had that at home.

I just cooked the Steak-Umms on a skillet and threw on some chopped garlic instead of garlic salt for flavor. I also broiled the French bread for a few minutes to give it a little crunch. Next, simply just add the soy-ginger mayonnaise to the bread, add the Steak-Umms, and then top it off with your lettuce and onions.

The soy-ginger steak sandwiches were a HUGE hit with my family. There was a distinct unique flavor, but it was refreshingly different. Everyone said that they would definitely come back to my restaurant and for my family to say that is a big deal, lol.

Click NanaBread’s link to view the original recipe in all its glory. It really is one of the best sandwiches I have ever had and next time I make it, I intend to actually use flank steak (I have since learned exactly where to find it in the store).

Man-Child asked that we add this meal to our menu plan. This is definitely not your average sandwich and I have a feeling that I’ll be making this sandwich a lot in the upcoming months! Baked sweet potato fries and baked beans compliment the sandwich well. Grab a diet coke and enjoy!

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