Menu Plan for the Week

 OK, so I only prepared one meal from my menu plan last week, so the menu will shift over to this week. There was a lot going on last week and we pretty much just ate left over’s or ate a nice free meal over at my mom’s house (Thank you Mom!)

I have to get better at this. I struggle to eat healthy but have not seen any changes in my waistline despite my efforts at kick boxing and walking, so something has to give. I’ve also realized that I have set some large goals and given myself until the end of the year for deadline so to speak, but that is not helping me either. I need to set some smaller goals, especially concerning weight loss. I am going to be the maid of honor in my friend’s wedding at the end of the month, and it is my goal to lose six pounds by then. To help me reach this goal, I’m going to start keeping a food journal to record what I eat throughout the day.

My menu plan is only covering dinner and only 5 days, because, well,  I haven’t planned that far ahead. Weekends are not good. (That is probably the source of my problem, but I figure, I struggle a lot during the week with my busy schedule, and tend to eat out more, so that is why my focus will be on weeknights for now)

Monday- Pot Roast with onions and carrots. I did not want to use potatoes for the roast, because making them on another night and cut back a little on the carbs. (I have this in the crock pot at home right now!)

Tuesday- Chicken with Cremini Mushroom- Port Sauce and fresh steamed green beans. (Taken from my weight watchers in 20 minutes cookbook)

Wednesday- Whole wheat Spaghetti with Marinara sauce and Salad (I needed something quick and easy because GQ has a baseball game!)

 Thursday- Chicken and Coconut Curry with Brown Rice (Taken from weight watchers cookbook again)

Friday- Baked Tilapia with Steamed Squash and Zucchini along with roasted red potatoes

 I normally eat a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner for lunch and fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Nothing exciting.

I’m also going to start walking for about 20 minutes on my lunch break instead of writing my blog. It is my intention to start writing them in the evenings, so we will see how that goes! Something has to change so I’m going to shake things up a bit and see if it makes any difference.

I also bought nuts, fruits, and hummus for snacks during the week so if I get the munchies, at least I will have healthy options to choose from in the fridge.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will start noticing a change, because I’m at the point where I really need to see a change… I’m getting discouraged.

I will keep you posted at the end of the week on how the meals go as well as my lunchtime walks and evening cardio!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I attended another bridal shower for my friend and spent the weekend hanging out with my family. I collected bags of clothing items to send to the victims of the tornado disaster and have also been talking to some people at work about going to Tuscaloosa and offering some of our social work services to people who have lost their medications and linking them to pharmaceutical patient assistance programs as well as do some clean-up work. I will definitely keep you posted on the outcome to that. I have focused a lot on Tuscaloosa and the damage there, but failed to realize how bad the damage was not even 30 minutes from us. 

 Have a great Monday!

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3 Responses to Menu Plan for the Week

  1. Let me recommend a breakfast for you. It’s from my friend Katie at Lucky Girl Sweets N Stuff. You can find it at: Let’s just say it will “clean your pipes” and it tastes great, too.

  2. Dianna says:

    Good luck with your changes! I have gotten out of my habit of walking 30 minutes every morning, and the pounds are creeping back! It seems there’s something everyday to prevent me from walking: nasty weather, I’m not feeling well, I have an early appointment…… Okay, that last one is just an excuse – I could certainly walk some other time besides early morning – it’s just my favorite time.

    Sounds like you really have a plan that will work! Let us know!

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