Mommy and Me Breakfast

This morning I attempted to have breakfast with Bugaboo at daycare. The daycare prepared a special breakfast for all the moms and set aside a room where we could eat with our little ones.

I was so excited this morning getting ready and couldn’t wait to have my first official “Mommy and Me Breakfast.” Bugaboo looked oh so cute in his little khaki shorts with his bright blue polo and leather sandals.  (I forgot to take a photo. In fact this whole week, I have forgotten to bring my camera when I needed it most)

Bugaboo was in one of his moods when we pulled up to daycare and started screaming. The kind of scream where everyone in the parking lot stares at you as if to say, “Better you than me.” Anyway, We managed to get inside despite Bugs trying to nose dive out of my arms. I carried him into his room to sign him in and one of his buddies came over to him and kept saying “It’s ok It’s ok… let’s play”… Bugaboo didn’t react so nicely this morning as he has on previous mornings and shoved him down… I felt horrible. Here this sweet little boy trying to be a good friend and comfort him and my little brute shoved him down. His little friend didn’t cry or anything just walked back up to him and tried playing with him again. I could see Bugaboo getting ready to push him again, so I just scooped him up and took him to the breakfast room.

The minute we walked in there and he saw all the new toys, he ran from my arms and started playing with all the figurines and animals. One of his other friends from his room came in there with his mom and ran over to Brock and they started playing together.  

Pretty much all the moms of the younger kids ate by ourselves while the kiddos played on. It was nice. I was able  to meet another mom in the room that I had never really spoken to before. After watching our boys play, we decided we needed to get together one Saturday for a play date.

So while it didn’t turn out to be the picture perfect breakfast I had in my mind… (Bugaboo sitting next to me…looking up to me telling me how much he loved me and that I was the best mom he could ever ask for… oh, and that he was going to be my best friend forever and ever and never, EVER, EVER leave me!!) Yah… didn’t go quite like that, but still. We both ended up having a good time and in the end, he did tell me loved me! After I tickled him down to the floor and made him tell me.  🙂


Meal Plan is going well for the week. Chicken with Cremini Mushrooms and port wine sauce was out of this world amazing. Again, forgot to take photos, but it was so good. I think I’m going to try to cook more with wine . I loved the flavor!

Spaghetti night was replaced with Chick Fil A… but hey, GQ won his baseball game and scored two runs! It was worth it! Of course, I forgot to bring my camera to the game with me. I was going to write this whole post on the game, Nacho, and the kids all playing with Nacho… but then I didn’t have any photos to go with it, and I’m sure the same thing will happen at the next baseball game we go too, so, I’ll save that post for next week after one of his games.

Walking during lunch hasn’t worked out so well this week, it rained on Monday, had lunch catered by drug reps the other day at clinic (gotta love drug reps, I do! Free Good Food!), and today I have to drop off some clothes and toys to tornado victims and go pick up some teacher appreciation gifts… I completely forgot that this week was teacher appreciation week and wondered why there were tons of flowers and gifts everywhere for the teachers… so, have to run to the mall and pick out something for all 5 of his wonderful teachers!  There is always next week!

Oh, and I’m not going to Tuscaloosa or Dadeville this weekend, but have signed up for the weekends to come. The Red Cross contacted me to go up to Tuscaloosa, but they wanted me to go for two weeks and I couldn’t leave home or my actual paying job for that long, so looks like I’ll be doing cleanup on weekends!

Tomorrow morning, I will be working on a charity project and helping a family in need repair their home.

Then, Bugaboo has a Texas Style Themed birthday party to attend and then, finally, I get to spend the rest of the weekend loving and kissing on my favorite Bugaboo!

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you outstanding moms out there.

I love you Mom!

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8 Responses to Mommy and Me Breakfast

  1. Love the bubble beard shot! Reminds me of Jonah Bear when he was little. TCP bought him his first “my little shaving kit” and we used to foam up his face so he could shave with Papi. Good times. I still love to go back and look at those photos.

    I used to love those Moms & Muffins days at My Baby’s school. I tried to never miss one. They grow up way to fast to miss stuff like that. Sorry yours got off to a rough start, but at least you got giggles and an “I love you” out of it!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend with your family. Happy Mother’s Day!!

    • Thank you and hope you had a great one as well! I had an emotional night the other night and spent about an hour looking at old baby photos and just bawled… my baby will be 2 on the 25th! Where has the time gone?

  2. Dianna says:

    Glad your breakfast turned out well – even though not exactly as you planned. Those things will happen.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  3. “After I tickled him down to the floor and made him tell me.” So cute.
    I was told those days would go by incredibly fast but I had no idea just how fast!
    Happy Mom’s Day…Enjoy!

    • I can’t believe he will be 2 soon! You are right, you have no idea how fast time goes by! 2 years! I watch him sleep at nights sometimes and wonder where the past two years have gone. My heart hurts thinking about it! 😦

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