The Prayer of an almost 2-year Old Boy

This is too cute not to share, sorry if some don’t agree. Each night, we try to say our prayers before going to bed. This is how our prayers went last night… Ok, to get the prayer, you kind of have to picture a sweet angelic little boy who can’t exactly say the words a hundred percent. You just have to picture a young child talking. For instance, Nacho is more like Na-ho. I guess you have to hear it to really get it, so I need to record it one night and post it on here. (Like Pioneer Woman and the Juice Box)


Mommy: “Dear Jesus, thank you for Mommy, Daddy, GQ, and…”

Bugaboo: “Daddy? Mommy? GQ? Nacho? Max ?” (My sister’s big 90 lb black lab and Nacho’s cousin) 🙂

Mommy: “Yes, Daddy, Mommy, GQ, Nacho and Max. We also want to thank you for Nana and… “

Bugaboo: “Poppie?”

Mommy: “Yes, Poppie too and for…”

Bugaboo: “Honey?” (Honey is the name my mom wanted to be called, sweet, isn’t it?) 🙂

Mommy: “Yes, Honey too and for… “

Bugaboo: “ Kissen? (Kristen) Keys (Keith) Daddy? Nacho? GQ? Max?”

Mommy: “Yes, for all of them too and everybody else (we say aunt and uncles names) Thank you Jesus for my house, cars, and…”

Bugaboo: “Nacho! Nacho, Mommy, Daddy, Nacho, Max, Ba-e (Bailey), Wuke (Luke)…”

Mommy: “Yes, and for my teachers and buddies…”

Bugaboo: “J, C, C, H, and K (He names his three best boy buddies and two best girl buddies every night)” “C no bite, Be nice”

Mommy: “What?  Why did you say C no bite? Did C bite you today?”

Bugaboo: “C bite, BE NICE C! BE NICE!” (No longer are we sitting still and saying a nice prayer, he is standing on bed pointing his finger as if he is telling his friend to be nice. I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing)

Mommy: “Ok, lie back down… there you go, ok, where were we…” “Ok, yes, pray that all of you be nice and do not bite one another at school tomorrow…”

Bugaboo: “BE NICE C, NO NO BITE!”

Mommy: “Ok, we already prayed for that, let’s move on… and Jesus, help me to listen to Mommy and Daddy and…”

Bugaboo: “Mommy? Daddy? GQ? Nana? Poppie? Honey? Kissen? Max? Nacho?”

Mommy: “Yes, and pray that Bugaboo has sweet dreams and a good day tomorrow. I love you Jesus, amen”

Bugaboo: “Love you Jesus, AMEN!!!!!!” (He screams amen)

Our prayer used to take about 30 seconds up to a minute, but now turns into several minutes some nights. He wants to name everyone by name including his friends, family, and pets. He doesn’t want me to forget anyone and has learned what names I might say next and tries to say it before I do. He also just repeats several names to make sure they get double prayer I suppose. It just warms my heart to hear him each night.

 On a side note… This past week has been so crazy, I have taken tons of photos but have not had anytime to download them from the camera to computer, and I like to have photos for my posts when I can, so, hopefully tonight, I can work on those. I usually have some time during work on my breaks or on lunch to check out my favorite blogs or write a post, but things have been so busy that today was first day I was able to catch up on some blogs since last week… that is a long time for me! So, for me to not read my favorite blogs everyday, you KNOW I had to be busy! Anyway, I’m still here and wish I could get better about posting more, because I know I have been slacking!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. See you tomorrow!

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