First Official Non-Family Photography Shoot Scheduled

I have been asked to take newborn photos for a co-worker in less than three months and while I’m super excited about it, I’m also very nervous too. It’s one thing to take photos of my boys because if I don’t like the photo, well, it’s no big deal. I can take more or try again another day. This time it is different, it is me taking photos for someone else who WILL care how the photos turn out and are expecting them to turn out nice and look semi-professional.

So many thoughts are running through my head… what if they don’t like them in the end but are afraid to tell me? What if I don’t measure up? She is a co-worker… could that mess up our professional relationship if I don’t deliver? I just feel like this is my first big opportunity and I do not want to blow it. The good thing is that I have emphasized repeatedly just how much I am NOT a professional but will do my best and put 150% into the photo shoot and they keep telling me to not worry and love my photos of Bugaboo and GQ. They realize that this is my first time, but still, I do not want to let them down.

Since I do not want to let them down, I recommended to my co-worker that she do what I did before Bugaboo was born and go online and look up newborn photography. I suggested that she browse through several different websites that specialize in newborn photography and make a note of what poses she likes and keep a record of all the sites that she went too and then show them to me. I am going to have a friend come over and use one of my childhood baby dolls to practice the mommy and me poses to try to recreate the look while putting in my own edge and perspective. I think I may be going a little overboard, but I don’t want to disappoint them, ya know? I have plenty of time to get practice shots in and will probably do a maternity shoot too so they can become more comfortable with me as well.

I have also had some teeny boppers ask me to take their photos too this past week, so I should be a busy bee over the summer on my weekends. I am looking forward to it, because one, I need the experience, secondly, I will get more editing time under my belt, and finally, I will be building my photography portfolio. Opportunities are pouring in and I’m so thrilled that people are willing to take a chance on me with their memories and photos!

I will definitely keep you guys posted and share some of the photos from my “sessions.” Right now, all my “sessions” are free since I’m using it as a learning experience so if any one local wants a free photo session, let me know! I’d be happy to do it when I’m available.

The weekend is upon us and it is looking to be a busy one including tornado clean up tomorrow morning and afternoon, baseball games, ping-pong, and another GQ and Bugaboo photo shoot (weather permitting). Can’t wait!

PS: lost a few inches this week… things are looking up! Kickboxing rules!

Wishing everyone has a great fun-filled weekend with his or her friends and family.

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8 Responses to First Official Non-Family Photography Shoot Scheduled

  1. Dianna says:

    I’m sure you’ll do fine with the photography session! Sounds like you’re doing everything right: having the mom look at baby photo web-sites, practicing with the doll…. Your co-worker will LOVE the pictures.

  2. How exciting for you! I bet they’ll be awesome.

  3. NanaBread says:

    I have a friend who lost over 100 pounds by kick boxing. She swears it’s the best all-over body workout you can get. So you go, girl… you inch-losing ass-kicker! (Sorry to get carried away… trying to give support through blog comment cheerleading!) Don’t stress out about the photo sessions. If the lighting’s good and the baby’s calm, you’ll be great. I once read a baby photographer’s tips on The Pioneer Woman’s website. Her top four tips were: 1. use natural light, 2. keep the room warm so the baby stays relaxed and even sleepy, 3. have Mom pack a bottle or stay close by so baby’s tummy is full, and 4. use various textures (blankets, etc.) in different shades of the same color as a background to make it more interesting and give your photos more depth. That’s all I got. You’ll be awesome.

    • LOL, you just made my day when I read your comment. Thank you! I can’t wait to get back to class tonight. It is a great release after a day at work and I love the health benefits as well.
      Thanks for the tips. I took a newborn photography workshop back in February and hope that I can remember some of the things I saw them do too. It was overcast outside all this past weekend, so my practice shots will have to wait for another day 🙂

  4. homemade says:

    I know you will do good with the photos, because you care about doing good and that is a huge thing!!!
    Congratulations on the loss of inches!!!!! Such a great feeling!

    • Yes it is! Thank you. It was those few inches that have re-motivated me and encouraged me to keep going. I needed that as it is so easy to get discouraged. Glad to see you back!

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