My First Blogging Award and I’m Just A Little Excited About It!!

Woo Hoo Yeah Baby!!

What a complete surprise this afternoon on my lunch break, to open up my e-mail account (after not checking it in a couple of days) to see that I was honored with The Versatile Blogger Award from Dianna over @ These Days of Mine.

I want to thank you Dianna for being supportive of my blog and for being a constant support. You really don’t know how much it means to me to get some feedback and comments (especially since I’m still a newbie) on my posts; you make my day when you do! I’m still completely jealous of your little Sundae Girl and can’t wait until the day I can finally have one for myself!

The first rule of accepting this award is that I link back to Dianna’s blog, which I did above. (Please visit her site. You won’t be sorry, but be prepared to get cat and sunset views envy) I am also to reveal seven things about myself, and then pass the award on to other new bloggers.

Here are seven things that most of you probably don’t know about me:

1. I lived in Saudi Arabia for a short time when I was in the 3rd grade and have visited Israel, London, China (twice- love it there and would actually live there if I could.), Philippines(Angeles City, Cebu, and Palawan- a week after we visited the Dos Palmas Island Resort in Palawan, rebels raided the island and kidnapped 18 people including two American missionaries, a husband and wife couple. We were very fortunate), and Brazil.

2. Like Dianna, I’ve never had a broken bone.

3. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA but grew up in South West FL. (don’t ask how I came to live in AL… long story!)

4. I’m deathly afraid of spiders… if you had the experiences I’ve had… wolf spiders … you would be too.

5. I love to sing. I can’t sing at all but secretly always wanted to be a famous singer.

6. I was homeschooled most of my school career after 5th grade…

7. I ate kangaroo once in a restaurant in China and I still feel horrible about it to this day.

And now I pass on this award to the following bloggers: Well, I’m assuming we are supposed to pass it on, because several of the other blogs that I clicked on passed it along… since I am still kinda new to the blogging world… there are only three other blogs that I comment on a regular basis enough to possibly even know who I am… and one of them was nominated by Dianna as well… so, I am going to pass this along to two other bloggers that I admire and respect. It was because of these two bloggers, that I dared to even start my own. I was following their blogs before opening an account and it was through them that I found Dianna. I just love how blogging works! 🙂

1. Laundry and Vodka– found her blog via Pioneer Woman and have been addicted ever since. I don’t know why it is so fascinating to read about other’s lives… but ever since I was a girl, I loved reading novels and still do to this day… blogging is like reading real life novels… that never ends!

2. NanaBread– found her via Laundry and Vodka… love everything about her blog… her husband’s flank steak sandwiches with Soy-Ginger Mayonnaise is to die for… words can’t describe how delish this is… all I can say is… you have GOT to check it out!


Check out the above blogs along with Dianna over @ These Days of Mine… I also encourage you to leave comments… not just because it gives me a big head and I brag to my family that I HAVE to write because my readers need me… but it creates new opportunities to meet new people! I’ve been introduced to several new blogs over the past couple of weeks just from clicking on a link left from a comment, and I’m really enjoying them. I end up spending my whole lunch reading to catch up with everyone, but I don’t mind… I love it! 🙂

Have a great Monday!

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3 Responses to My First Blogging Award and I’m Just A Little Excited About It!!

  1. Dianna says:

    Well, you can add the “deathly afraid of spiders” to my list too!!

    Glad you’re pleased with the award; your blog is one that I look forward to reading regularly!

  2. NanaBread says:

    I’m not afraid of most spiders, but wolf spiders? Now that’s a different issue. I had one jump off my garage door onto my shoulder and millions of baby spiders scattered all over me. It was horrifying. I knocked the big mama off and ran straight to the shower, clothes and all. Imagine me screaming in the shower trying to get all the baby spiders off. It was straight out of a horror flick. We had 3 more after that, and I wouldn’t go near them. Luckily they were all outside. If they’d come in the house, I would have moved out! Thanks for the bloggy award. Preeshee-ateit!

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