Happy Birthday Bugaboo

Two Years! Two full years!! My little baby is TWO YEARS OLD!!! Where has the time gone? It seems just like yesterday I found out I was pregnant…

It seems like yesterday I was picking out baby names with my girlfriends and family and painting the walls in our nursery…

It seems just like yesterday that I wanted to punch my anesthesiologist while he gave me my epidural… and I did threaten that… Hey, the epidural hurt… well, mine did anyway.

But it seems like yesterday that I laid eyes on the most precious baby in the world… I remember everything… I remember the first cries he made, the first time he nursed, the first diaper change… the first kiss… the way his head smelled that first night…the way he looked at me with those big blue eyes in the hospital room that first night as I thanked God for lending me his most prized possession…

I cried everyday for the first two weeks… not because I was sad or scared… but because I was so happy and so in love with this little human. I did not think it possible to love someone so much…

I remember the first smile… first laugh… first crawl… first words… first steps…

It just doesn’t seem possible that two years have gone by. My little man is already speaking in clear sentences and counting to 10. This morning I threw on Curious George as I was getting ready for work and from the back room I heard him laughing and when I came to see what happened he looked up at me and said, “George is funny mommy.”

My little man is throwing real baseballs across the house and hitting balls that are being thrown to him… I really do have a superhuman 2 year-old. Well, not really… but the things he can already do just baffles me… ever since he got his own little helmet, he has asked to sleep with it every night… along with his bat, ball, and Elmo toy.

He has turned my life upside down and all for the better. I love being his mommy. I love when he says “Love you mommy” and grabs my hair and rubs it on his nose… I love that I am his human pacifier and I don’t care anymore…

I could go on and on… and I did in the journal I write for him… but all I can say is being a mom really is the best job on earth. I hate that I have to be away from him at work everyday but it makes me appreciate the time we have together in the evenings and weekends all that much more.

I know this post is a little everywhere today but I am getting over the stomach virus I picked up yesterday and just a tad bit emotional as I think about my Bugaboo turning 2…

Seriously, where does the time go?

Happy Birthday Bugaboo! Mommy loves you!

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8 Responses to Happy Birthday Bugaboo

  1. grommom says:

    Congrats on TWO! My youngest turns ONE tomorrow, and I am hardly able to believe it.
    Your son is truly beautiful–and looks like he really could fit right in here on the north shore of Oahu! 🙂 Plan your trip girl!
    Take care…

  2. Dianna says:

    Adorable pictures, and a beautiful post about your son!
    And, girls, my “only” will be 31 in a few weeks. And trust me: that love only grows deeper with the passing of time!

    • I can only imagine! I’ve already told Bugs to plan on me coming to college with him… and following him wherever he goes.
      I will live in the house right next to whomever he marries and will intrude on their lives… I will be THAT mother-in-law, lol. I liked Ray’s mom from Everybody Loves Raymond 🙂

  3. Keiffy says:

    Great post…. love seeing new pics of the neph (a.k.a. bugaboo) love the little guy….

  4. NanaBread says:

    Awesome post, awesomer photos (yes, I know that’s not grammatically correct). He’s an adorable little man!

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