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New Life

I wanted to thank everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers for my co-worker and her baby over the past two weeks. Her beautiful healthy girl was born 7 weeks early 12 days ago. I love this photo below… it’s like she … Continue reading

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MIA Again

I really don’t mean to be away from here for so long but the days just fly by me! (Not having internet at home doesn’t help either) Work has been crazy busy. We had an audit today and have been … Continue reading

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Say a Little Prayer

 I was working on my blog post for the day on lunch when I got word that my co-worker, the one I am supposed to take baby photos for, is being rushed to a specialty hospital two hours away via ambulance where they may … Continue reading

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If I had to define motivation in my own words, I would sum it up as an inner force/drive that propels you forward to reach your goals. Over the past several weeks, I’ve been lacking in the motivation department. The inner … Continue reading

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A Morning To Remember

I wake to the pitter patter of little feet on the wood floors and to a tired sleepy voice whispering “mommy” and “nuh-night.” I pull my baby up on the bed and watch him as he snuggles under the covers and reaches for … Continue reading

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The Third Son

Several posts back, I talked about our beloved little doxie, Nacho. I remembered I said I would give his background story but then never did… go figure. A long, long time ago… ok, two Thanksgivings ago, we headed to the mountains … Continue reading

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A Country Wedding

Almost two weeks ago, one of my closest friends got married. She had her wedding at a remote farm in the country next to the lake. It was absolutely beautiful. I had the privilege of being her maid of honor. So since I … Continue reading

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