The Third Son

Several posts back, I talked about our beloved little doxie, Nacho. I remembered I said I would give his background story but then never did… go figure.

A long, long time ago… ok, two Thanksgivings ago, we headed to the mountains of TN to spend the holiday with my grandmother. She lives in a nice quiet retirement neighborhood type of thing and they always have some sort of festival or crafts show going on. We decided to go check it out to get out of the overly warm house (you know how grandmothers are). 🙂 When I say “we”, I mean my grandmother, mom, sister, Man-Child, Bugaboo, my aunt, uncle, and cousin from Pittsburgh.

We drove down to the community center to check out the booths and immediately was drawn to the A.A.R.F. (All About Rescue and Fixin) booth. I wanted Bugaboo to see the  dogs. At this point, we did not have any pets and although I wanted a dog and a cat in the future, I did not intend to adopt a pet anytime soon. Bugaboo was only 6 months old and I knew a pet would require a lot of time, attention, and money.  

There were several puppies and small type dogs as well as a few older dogs. Man-Child loves small dogs while I love large dogs (my dream is to have a Great Dane and a Bullmastiff together… yah, I LOVE large dogs). While Man-Child was playing with the small dogs, I was playing with the large dogs. I still did not intend to leave with an animal.

My cousin was holding a small dog and called me over to look.  They were oohhing and awing over a little brown doxie in a sweater. My aunt and family have a doxie and love her beyond words so naturally, they would be drawn to him. Man-Child was instantly in love the moment he held him (to this day, Nacho is a daddy’s boy). He kept saying how good he seemed to be around everyone. We asked about the doxie but the volunteers told us that someone had found him on a road a few days before and they did not know much about him except that he was a sweet little thing.

And sweet he was. He was licking us and seemed to be comfortable with us right off the bat. Man-Child started talking about how he would be such a good addition to our family. All I could think about was taking care of a baby and a small dog(that we didn’t even know if he was house broken), but then again… he was so cute in that little sweater. My family from the Burgh kept telling us how good doxies were and my mom kept saying how much responsibility came with a dog and a baby not to mention financial responsibility.

We reluctantly walked away from the cute little doxie and mosied around the crafts fair but Man-Child kept talking about the dog. He realized there was very little information on him but the way he was around us, he knew he had to have been a family dog that ran away or got lost. About thirty minutes later, we went back outside and approached the rescue booth again. This time, someone else was holding him and smiling. I hung around waiting to see what they would do with him but after a few minutes, they put him back in the cage. I took him back out and this time, a connection was made… this was our dog. This would be our family’s first dog and Bugaboo’s first best friend. My grandmother said it was ok to keep him at her house until we left. After her approval, we signed the paperwork from the rescue and he was all ours!


A trip to Wal-mart and several supplies and a crate later, we headed back to my grandmother’s house to interact with him and see how he did with the family. We decided to call him Nacho because we love the movie Nacho Libre with Jack Black (we even watched that movie while I was in labor at the hospital killing time before I could start pushing, sorry… TMI). It just makes us laugh. The name was fitting to our new little addition. Nacho.

Nacho did great around the family. He sniffed out the place and other dog (Max, my sister’s little 90lb black lab- future post) and was marking his territory outside (he marked a few times inside too but we cleaned it up and did not tell my grandmother, lol). Nacho even did great with Bugaboo. They had an instant connection. Nacho new from the beginning that the little boy was his charge. We figure he had been around kids before, because he was great with him.

He even did great on the car ride back to Alabama and settled in at our home right away.

We were not without our problems or initial regrets though. Nacho was not completely housebroken and it took several months to even have him remotely trained. Every rug in the house was fair game. I’m glad we have wood floors because he never peed on them thank goodness. Only the rugs. We had to throw away our one big area room rug and we still have some issues with him peeing on the kitchen and bathroom rugs but we just throw them in the wash every time he has an accident. He still refuses to go outside when it is raining but on days like that, we just set up old towels and put them by the door for him. We’ve also learned from the get go that he is very picky about going to the bathroom outside. He prefers to be on a leash and go away from the house. He will not go to the bathroom in our yard (unless marking a spot where a neighborhood dog has gone). He has a couple of favorite yards on our street where he will go and we just bring plastic bags on our walks.

But besides the potty issue (ok, it was a big issue and I made several threats to him on several different occasions that he was going back to TN) he is a great dog. He is amazing with Bugaboo and GQ… any kids for that matter. We take him to the baseball games with us and kids just flock to him. He puts up with each and every one. He would let them lay on him and pull his ears if we would let them but we don’t. I’m sure he is grateful for that.

Nacho sleeps with us every night under the covers. He is our snuggle bug and my favorite third son. Nacho just is. 🙂

Sorry for the long post but he was so sweet this morning and lovey dovey that I promised him some blog time. He rewarded me with a little kiss. Hope he approves.



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6 Responses to The Third Son

  1. Dianna says:

    Aw, what a sweet post! Sounds like Nacho was meant to be your family dog! (Love how your mom kept telling you about the responsbilities, etc.! Moms are like that; yeah, they are.)
    And I smiled when I read that you threatened Naco with going back to TN: I, too, threatened Sundae with going back to the humane society where we adopted her!
    Love the pictures! They’re adorable!

  2. Yes, she is like that and I love her for it! She keeps me grounded 🙂
    Aren’t rescue/adopted pets the best? I think so… BTW, your post this morning made me cry… the bond between sisters… the love… ahh.. I must stop because throat constricting once again… (I’m able to read your posts now since I had them e-mailed to me, but still can’t post a comment…)

  3. It’s funny how you gravitate toward bigger dogs, while your husband likes smaller dogs! And your baby boy in little suspenders… it makes sense of the expression “so cute I could just eat him up!” Nacho and your boy are so adorable together. Sweet post!

    • Thank you!
      I think it’s funny too that we like the complete opposites in dogs… I don’t get it. 🙂 And yes… I have munched on Bugs a few time trying to eat him up! But lately he will tell me No Mommy! Don’t bite! 🙂

  4. TexWisGirl says:

    oh this was a wonderful post. loved every word and photo. i like big dogs too, but this little one of yours was meant to be in your heart! 🙂

  5. Awww this made me smile! What a precious dog!!! I think you should create a blog just for him!!! I’d subscribe 🙂

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