If I had to define motivation in my own words, I would sum it up as an inner force/drive that propels you forward to reach your goals.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been lacking in the motivation department. The inner force is not with me. The story of my life, I get excited over a new goal or task that I  set out to do, but as soon as an obstacle crosses my path, I’m easily sidetracked.

I WANT to achieve my goals, and I’m not afraid to work hard to get there, but when I do not see results after a few days or weeks, the excitement of attaining my goal soon wears off and I’m back where I started.




But never achieving…

So over the past several days, I’ve challenged myself to find out what motivates me.


Not so much. I want to get back into my old pre baby clothes, but that isn’t enough to keep me going for long.


Umm, yah, but don’t exactly need to go there, lol.


We’re getting there but money limits what rewards I can allow for myself. Nevertheless, yes, rewards definitely work.

What type of rewards?

A manicure/pedicure? Nah… my mom or sis can give me one of those 🙂 ha-ha

A massage? No. I’m too ticklish.

What would I want more than anything if I could pick something right now?

Photos! Lots and lots of photos! Photos of Bugaboo and me… Man-Child and me… GQ… all of us…

Sadly, we do not have many family photos of us together or of Bugaboo and me. I don’t like the way I look in photos so don’t want anyone taking any. I’m weird like that.

My new motivation for eating healthy and continuing exercise is now fueled by my inner desire to have professional style photos taken of the family once I reach my goal weight. I’m also thinking a getaway cruise or trip to Hawaii could be a great motivation, lol. Hey, a girl can dream!

I reviewed my resolutions from A Case Plan and thought about each one. I thought about what motivated me to want to reach those goals. I had to re-work my strategy because my current one is not working. Sure, I’ve studied for the GRE here and there and worked on a few photos here and there, but it’s always a hit or miss. I’m not taking it seriously and I’m not getting anywhere either. I lack the drive, force to achieve my resolutions. I can talk about achieving them until I’m blue in the face, but until I’m ready to really dig in and change, it’s not going to happen. I don’t want to fail on my journey. I realize it will take me longer than until the end of the year, and I’m fine with that, because I want these changes to be life changing and not just temporary to say I reached a goal only to go back to my old ways shortly after.

So, yes, it is taking me longer than what I originally thought, but I have also learned a number of things these past few months and I’m implementing small changes one step/resolution at a time. It’s the small things that have stuck and made a difference. When I looked back and wrote down some of the lasting changes I’ve made, I was surprised. Oddly enough, I was motivated too. Motivated to continue my journey but take it a day at a time and enjoy it.

I’m even on my second day being soda free.

I made a personal goal to give up soda for the rest of the month just to see if I could do it. I’m embarrassed to say how many diet sodas I had been drinking a day recently but it was to the point where I wasn’t even drinking any water, just diet soda. My knees and joints hurt more and after reading several articles claiming diet soda can cause a person to gain weight and increase brittleness in bones, I’ve decided to go a few weeks without it and see how I feel. I’ve wanted to give up or cut back on diet soda for a while now, but kept putting it off. Bugaboo asks for soda more because he sees us drinking it and has started throwing temper tantrums demanding “dwink” instead of “milk.” I figure it’s always best to lead by example, right? So, going to give it a shot and lay off it for a while. I’m also curious to see how much money we could save simply by not buying soda every week.

(Not gonna lie… I have the most horrible headache right now and I think it’s because going through caffeine withdrawals but I know this too shall pass. )

Anyway, I got sidetracked, but my point with all of this is finding what works for you and finding the right motivation to keep you on the path towards reaching your goals.

So what motivates you to reach your goals? Do you reward yourself when you reach your goals? Has anyone reached any goals lately? I’m anxious to hear about it.


I signed up for a walk/run class at work. It starts June 20th at 5:30am. Yah… we’ll see how long the 5:30am work-out lasts, but since I’m meeting a group and not just getting up on my own, I hope I can stick with it. It’s an 8 week course and I’ve committed myself to finishing it. I just have to make sure I can get home before Man-Child heads to work. If I can finish the run and be home before he leaves, then it is a GO for 8 WEEKS! I’ll keep you posted.

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6 Responses to Motivation

  1. Dianna says:

    It can be so discouraging when our motivation fails!
    I think the family portrait is a GREAT motivator!! Good idea!
    And good luck with your morning walk/run class. That sounds like fun – wish there was one in my area! Let us know how it goes. We’re rooting for ya!

    • Thanks… I’ll definitely need it. I hope my knees can hang in there! I’ve missed kickboxing classes the past two weeks and started back up last night… wow, I will never go that long in between classes again. My whole body aches but for now, the motivation is there to go back tonight. 🙂

    • PS
      Had a good laugh when I read your post this morning (still can’t comment on it from work). I’m sure Marshall loved it too 🙂

  2. Dianna says:

    I miss your comments! After Marshall commented on the post today, I texted him to make sure he wasn’t offended by it. He thought it was funny!

  3. We live because of purpose.
    We love because of reason.

    May you have a wonderful day ahead of you.

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