New Life

I wanted to thank everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers for my co-worker and her baby over the past two weeks. Her beautiful healthy girl was born 7 weeks early 12 days ago. I love this photo below… it’s like she is saying… “na na na na boo boo… I came early because I couldn’t wait to see you and say that I love you!”

She was breathing 90% on her own shortly after she was born. Both mommy and baby continue to do very well and baby is expected to possibly come home in the next week.

I went to visit them last Friday afternoon and fell in love with baby P’s dark black hair and her tiny toes and fingers. I can’t WAIT to photograph her when she comes home. My co-worker and I threw out some ideas for photographs and I’m just hoping I can deliver on them! I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on those 🙂

It was a great visit. I enjoyed watching the new little family interact with one another. My heart broke for them that they could not be in the comfort of their own home enjoying these precious moments, but from the expression on their faces… they weren’t missing anything. Holding that baby healthy girl in their arms and watching her smile was everything they needed in that moment.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday… We are enjoying thunderstorms. I’m actually loving it. I love thunder and we have had a thunderstorm almost every day since the beginning of last week. Things have not slowed down this way yet and continue to be crazy busy. I think that is becoming the new norm. I’m adjusting but just need to get my blogging schedule back on track. I’ve actually missed writing lately and NEVER thought I would say that. Anyway, back to work. Catch you guys tomorrow!



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8 Responses to New Life

  1. Dianna says:

    We miss you too!
    What a great picture of that baby girl – I agree with your caption! My heart aches that they aren’t able to take her home yet. My son was born 5 weeks prematurely, and didn’t come home til he was 10 days old. (LONG 10 days!) I’m glad mom and baby are both doing well.

  2. It definitely made me appreciate Bugaboo’s birth and being able to take him home right away. My heart broke after reading Alex’s story of baby Drew… I commented that there are two little fighters moving on up in the world. I think they were even born on the same day? But I just couldn’t imagine such a grand entrance like the ones these two little ones had.
    I bet that was a long 10 days… I really can’t imagine having to leave the hospital without your baby.. heartbreaking.

  3. Good caption! It does seem like she’s saying just that.
    Was beginning to really wonder what was going on since we’d not heard from you….Very glad to hear all is well with them both!
    I love a good storm too…snow or rain! As long as no one gets hurt:)

  4. Honey says:

    Great photo…and you are a faithful co-worker to be there for her!

  5. gapgrad says:

    Oh how precious. I’m addicted to baby stories now; and sweet ones like this just make me cry! How long have you been taking photos–this is a hobby of yours? My husband just got a super nice new SLR for his birthday and we are LOVING the great baby pics he’s able to take! Sadly, my photo skills leave much to be desired…but I love your pics!

    • I’ve only been taking photos since Bugaboo was a baby… I take A LOT of photos and out of 20 there will be 1 that I like. But patience is key. I lack photo editing skills so most of my photos are just straight out of the camera. But when I get internet at home and can watch photoshop tutorials on youtube… it’s on! 🙂 Your baby is just adorable by the way. Keep posting photos!

  6. Hooray! I am so glad that everything ended so well–what a beautiful little girl!

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