I Heart Faces Weekly Challenge “White”- Daddy Time

So once again I am rushing to get a photo in by the deadline for this week’s iheartfaces challenge. I’m a last-minute person… what else can I say? As I type this, I’m boiling chicken so I can finish making enchiladas and black bean soup for a late last-minute dinner. That’s how we roll in this house!

This week’s photo challenge theme was “White.” I had the perfect photo in mind to submit. I waited all week for the challenge to open so I could enter this photo below: This is a photo of Bugaboo playing on the piano.

But then I read the directions again before submitting and saw that a person’s face had to be in the photo. Just my luck.

When in doubt, always read the directions, lol.

After kickboxing I rushed home to find a new photo that would meet the qualifications since I did not have the time to take a new photo.

Here it is… Daddy Time (I’m horrible at captions so just went with first thing that popped in my head… on a time limit ya know!)

Man-Child and Bugaboo wrestling on the mattress.

Well I’m two for two (rushed photos). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next weeks will go better. 🙂

Things have been crazy and I’m just plain worn out. I was fast asleep last night by 10pm and for anyone that knows me… that is SUPER early. I worked all weekend and then jumped into another crazy week at work.

BUT some exciting things are happening this weekend… first football game of the season!!! When you live in a college town… you live for football each year… and it just so happened we were oh, ya know, NATIONAL CHAMPIONS last year!!!! So things are definitely popping over here. Can’t wait to take some photos this weekend so you can experience football fever!!

Well, chicken is finished, shredded, enchiladas filled and cheese melting, and soup simmering… all completed while writing this! Now off to enjoy the yumminess!


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6 Responses to I Heart Faces Weekly Challenge “White”- Daddy Time

  1. gapgrad says:

    You are a superwoman! I’m coming over for dinner 🙂 BEAUTIFUL piano pic! Such sweet little hands…

    • Come on over! Plenty of leftovers. 🙂 The black bean soup was out of this world… and so easy to make!
      And thank you… I love that photo. I have another one where you only see his little legs dangling off the piano bench. He just melts my heart… 🙂

  2. Kristen says:

    Love the photos. Can’t wait for this weekend ‘s game…War Eagle! Great blog. Love you

  3. Love you too big sis! I think I’m going to go take photos of all the campers coming in tonight since they let them start parking in the fields on Wednesdays after 4 so people can see how CRAZY it gets here!

  4. MG Atwood says:

    such a fun photo! Looks like they are having a ball!

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