I owe one of my best friends, H,  a HUGE apology. She sent me a photo of a crib that she liked for her bun in the oven.  It was gorgeous. I responded by asking her if she had checked out Pinterest for decorating ideas for her nursery. Can you believe she did not know what Pinterest was! I promised to call her in about half an hour to let her in on the newest best thing ever… and wouldn’t ya know it, I got sidetracked and forgot. Imagine that (future post to explain why I was sidetracked)!

Well, I never got up with her and since I can’t sleep, (SO NOT eating McDonald’s again. The memories of hugging the toilet bowl all evening will NEVER let me forget my lapse in poor judgement, sorry, TMI) I’m going to spend the next however long it takes me to write this post talking about my new favorite obsession, Pinterest.

So H, this post is for you…

To put it simply, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It lets you “pin” a photo of anything you see and like on the internet onto “boards.” You can organize your boards into categories such as photography, fashion, holiday decoration ideas, DIY, food, etc… Basically anything that you see on a website while browsing online can be “pinned” onto your board with the link to where you found your new favorite item.

It doesn’t stop there… Pinterest is like another big social network in the sense that you can view what other people “pin” on their boards. If you like what someone else “pins,” you can then “re-pin” it to your board.

Oh, and you have to request an invitation to open up an account. So, it makes you feel cool when you get a request… like you are oh so important enough to be asked to join their exclusive club (nevermind that you actually had to ask to join).

Two people introduced me to the world of Pinterest a couple of weeks ago (you know who you two are and I curse you every night I lie awake in bed dreaming about the things I’ve seen and want!) and I’ve been addicted ever since. I did try to stay away. I tried very hard. But there is something that draws you in… you see an outfit you like, you see a great idea for a DIY Halloween decoration or treat, or you see a great idea for a future photo. Before you know it, you have pages and pages of “pins” you collected and you sit there and figure out how you are going to get each and every one.

Imagine thousands of people posting items of their favorite foods, quotes, photos, crafts, fashion, and anything else you can imagine… Talk about A LOT of creativity, inspiration, and a big case of the gimme gimmes. I acted like a little kid the first night I browsed Pinterest. I wanted it ALL! And I have everything saved so one day I CAN HAVE it all and check it off my “pin” list! Bahahaha!!!

Just kidding? I think? 🙂

No, really, I have several cool ideas for Halloween and fall DIY decorations that I cannot wait to try and will post about when I do (because for me to attempt and complete a craft is a rare thing. I’ve never been the crafty type). I also have several outfit ideas saved that are me to a “T” and will search out as my dress size continues to shrink.

I could go on and on about the 40 plus pages I’ve saved… but my baby is starting to cry and fuss in bed and bless him… if he starts to get sick too then I’m calling Mc D’s first thing in the morning…

So back to you, H. You really need to get on Pinterest and search out nursery ideas, baby bedding, newborn photography, etc… you will go crazy!! You don’t have to be an exclusive member like me to take part in all the fun. 😉 I will be calling you at lunch (since I’ll be working from 8-10…talk about a long busy day, 14 hrs! pity party for me starts… NOW…) to talk Pinterest and nursery ideas!!

You can view anything you like by simply clicking here (Enter at your own risk).

Disclaimer: Before you click on the link and enter the world of Pinterest… BEWARE!! It is addicting and all time-consuming. You will spend precious limited minutes (ok, hours) on the weekends (pretty much only time I can get on sadly) sitting on the couch with your favorite (and only) big sister checking out trendy fall outfits.    🙂

Any Pinterest lovers or addicts out there??? What do you spend most of your time searching and “pinning?” Share the love!!

Ok, it’s 1:30 am and nausea has finally subsided… off to care for my bugaboo and try to catch a few Zzzzz’s. 6:15 am will be here before I know it! Have a great Thursday!

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6 Responses to Pinterest

  1. Dianna says:

    I’ve heard of Pinterest, but the person that posted about it on FB mentioned how addictive it was….so I have stayed away! Between FB, my blog, and life itself, I really am maxxed out on my time.. I don’t think hubby could stand another diversion.

    But it sounds like fun.. I REALLY hope you’re feeling better, and that your little one wasn’t sick.

    • Ha-ha, I COMPLETELY hear you on just staying away and maxxed out on time! I tried to ignore it! But these two people were not going to let up. They would sit there and talk about everything they found or saw and draw me in to their conversation only to say… well, if you really want to know, you need to check it out for yourself. Peer Pressure I tell ya! I caved. 🙂
      oh, and my friend who saw my post on FB messaged me to say that she is addicted to a site called, StumbleUpon… apparently it is similar to Pinterest. I was going to check it out since i’m in office for lunch today but it is blocked on our computers for “social networking”. I really despise that security setting, lol.
      PS: your post made me tear up this morning. I wished I could have gone back in time to be your friend and play with you on the front porch and swing 🙂 I love when you write from mama kats prompts.

  2. Cilla says:

    I absolutely LOVE Pinterest! It is addicting and time consuming 🙂 However, it is a wonderful way to get ideas, organize them, and dream a little. I am a big DIYer and there are toooons of ideas on there! There are recipes, there are and inspirational quotes; and that’s just from what others have posted. You can easily post a pic of something you like when you are browsing the internet. LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest!

    • I’m not a DIYer at all but aftering seeing all the great things on there REALLY want to start trying, especially all the great halloween and fall decorations… OMG!! I go crazy looking at everything! I also found these amazing long pj pant bottoms titled pj tutorial (its pinned on there all the time) that I want to learn to make. I keep saying that I’m going to learn how to sew to make Bugaboo cute outfits for football and holidays but never do… there are just too many cute things on there that involve sewing, so going to beg my mom or grandmother when she comes down to visit to teach me how!!

  3. Kristen says:

    PInterest is definitely addicting, but it is enjoyable hanging with you sis and browsing the many categories.

  4. thegrommom says:

    I’m SO glad you wrote about Pinterest because I keep hearing the word but never knew WHAT is was!! Now I’m trying to decide “to enter, or not to enter…” 🙂 I’m sure I”d love it!!
    Thanks and I do hope you and Bugaboo are both well today.

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