PW’s Carrot-Thyme Soup with Cream

Hello? Hello? Anybody? Remember me? The girl who comes and goes? Well, I’m back for a spell!

I’ve been here and I’ve been there but right now I want to be here. I’ve missed sharing. Life got crazy for a while and still is but figured it’s not going to slow down anytime soon so might as well adapt and make the most of it!

There is so much to share but I’m limited on time this morning and my break is about to end. (Don’t worry, I’ll be filling everyone in on pictures, football, and life in the days and weeks to follow)

Last week (I think) I did my daily check in with the Pioneer Woman and came across her post on carrot-thyme soup. I saw the photos of her soup and immediately knew I HAD TO HAVE SOME! Plus, it looked so easy to make. I dashed out to the store and bought everything I needed to make it but forgot we already had dinner plans. So, I hid all of my special ingredients away in the fridge and vowed to make it the next night. Naturally, something came up and I didn’t make it the following night.

A long story short, I all but forgot I had everything in the fridge to make the soup until last night when I happened to need something out of my veggie drawer. It all came back to me! Bugaboo and I were celebrating a good day at daycare (more on my daycare drama later) with a Christmas themed night. While the soup was simmering on the stove, Bugs and I baked Christmas cookies and watched old Christmas cartoons.

The soup turned out delish and was a hit! I followed PW’s recipe to the T and did not add or subtract from it. It was so simple and only required 5 ingredients! (well, 6 if you add salt which I did not)

1. baby carrots

2. fresh thyme

3. veggie or chicken stock (I did half veggie and half chicken)

4. honey

5. cream

Just bring the carrots and thyme to a boil in the stock and then simmer for 45 min. Once soft, blend the carrots and stock in a blender until creamy, add the honey, add the cream, and stir all together. All that is left to do is to pour yourself a bowl and top it off with some thyme and ENJOY! (Sorry for poor photo quality but used my cell phone {because too lazy to get my camera out}and it’s just a plain little phone, nothing special) My photo does not do the soup justice at all, so check out the real deal here.

Man-Child ate a couple bowls last night and said that we definitely needed to make this again. He even took some with him to work this morning. I’d say it was a hit.

 I love soup and usually only get in the mood to make it from now until Christmas… and then my cooking mood ends and I don’t care for it anymore 🙂

There are plenty more soup recipes on PW’s site that I intend to try. I made several different ones last year and they were all a hit as well. Her soups haven’t let me down yet! I think I’m going to try her carrot and squash curry soup next!

The possibilities are endless.

I hope everyone has a great day and it feels good to be back on here again. More updates, posts, and lots of photos to follow (I’ve taken several lately for friends so as soon as they give me the ok, I’m going to share!)

Have a good one!


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2 Responses to PW’s Carrot-Thyme Soup with Cream

  1. Dianna says:

    Welcome back! We’ve missed you. I’ve noticed a comment from you on my blog now and then. Can’t wait to hear what’s been going on with you!

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