So this post is a little late in coming but figured since I couldn’t sleep and already cleaned the house and did laundry, there was nothing else for me to do except post some recent photos of Bugaboo enjoying Halloween.

Here is my little man as a giraffe! Doesn’t he make a cute one?

Here are some more that I love… Bugaboo and my one and only favorite big sis whom (is it who or whom? I can never get that right) he absolutely adores…

Here he is enjoying his prize that he won in a fishing game at our church fall festival…

Enjoying the big slide…

The  first official trick-or-treat… We went out with our friends and their daughter who is in the same class with Bugs. They have been friends since 6 weeks old! Love it! (The photos did not load in order and I keep having trouble trying to get them in order but no such luck!) 

We had a great time and enjoyed the night with good friends. Hope to do the same next year!

Well, it’s late and while I still think sleep is far off, I have to empty the dishwasher and throw the last load of wash in the dryer… One of my close friends from college is coming up tomorrow to stay with us for 2 weeks, so want to make sure everything is just right and homey! I haven’t seen her in over 3 years! She is now a Captain in the Army and being relocated near us. Her apartment isn’t ready yet so she will be staying with us until it is! Too excited and can’t wait to catch up. I’ll have to post about her later (we met in ROTC and even ran the Army 10 miler in DC freshman year together… a LONG time ago!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

PS: I’m actually looking forward to work tomorrow because I get to go to a medical conference on Diabetes for the first part of the day… which means no phone calls or case notes!! WOO HOO YEAH BABY!!!!!! FREEDOM OUT OF THE OFFICE AND OUT FROM BEHIND MY DESK!!!!!!! Sorry… they don’t let us out of the office that much as you can tell, lol. Any type of meeting or conference and we are all racing to be the first one to sign up! I just wish I remembered to accidentally unplug my phone so no one could leave messages 😉 j/k. Have a good one!



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4 Responses to Trick-Or-Treat

  1. Barb says:

    Great photos of a wonderful family! Get to bed! Lol

  2. Dianna says:

    What a cute little giraffe?? Looks like Halloween was lots of fun for your family.
    That’s great that you providing your college friend a place to stay until her apartment is ready. Enjoy catching up!

  3. thegrommom says:

    That giraffe is adorable!! ANd he looks SO happy! 🙂
    You must be a serious night-owl…seems like you’re often blogging in the wee hours of the night. Don’t know how you get up for work after nights like that!
    Enjoy your buddy–those are good times!

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