Little Football Fever

Football is a big part of life down here in the South… it’s a matter of life and death these days. People get fierce when it comes to their football team, especially here in good old Alabama. You’re either for University of Alabama (BOO) or Auburn University (my alma mater).

In my neck of the woods, parents want their child’s first words to be “War Eagle” and groom their children from a young age to become little Tiger fans.

Naturally, I wanted this too. Now I’m not a die-hard college football fan. I only care about Auburn and that is because you cannot attend school there and not fall in love with the game, the atmosphere. There is nothing like being in a stadium with thousands of fans cheering… it’s something everyone should experience at least once. There is a camaraderie and you become instant best friends with the person sitting next to you.

And tailgating? It’s a must. Everyone here does it… it’s a great time to get up with family, friends, and co-workers to eat, socialize, and talk football. Ok, so I don’t really talk football. I don’t know who is who and really could care less. I just like to be downtown and be a part of the excitement and watch Bugaboo as he takes in everything. He is one adorable little Tiger and proudly says “War Eagle” and is learning the fight song. He loves everything Aubie (our mascot) and everything orange and blue.

Every time he sees a football, Aubie, a tiger, an eagle, or anything orange and blue, he goes crazy. I’ve even started to take him to the park some evenings to play but knowing that the youth football league is out practicing. He loves to run up and down the fence line when the boys run and he tries to mimic everything they do. We even bring his little football along. He wants to be one of the big boys so bad. He may not even be 2 and a half yet, but he has caught football fever. I can’t wait to take him to his next big football game. He went to his first one at 1 and sat through more than half a game and even took a nap!

Below are some photos of Bugs at our tailgate spot earlier in the season getting pumped up for the game. Orange and blue flamingos anyone?

Playing with an Aubie balloon, ok, he’s been punching it like a punching bag for past 5 minutes.


Well, I don’t know what happened last night, but there should have been more to this post than what appears here. I posted another photo of Toomer’s Corner and our beloved tree. The tree was poisoned by an angry University of Alabama fan and now the large old Magnolia trees in the heart of Auburn are dying. It was a sad thing to have happened but it’s not going to dampen our spirits or let anger and bitterness get the best of us. I HOPE that when we do play Alabama this year, that Auburn football fans will keep their heads held high and continue to exhibit the good sportsmanship conduct that we’re known for.

I can’t remember everything else I wrote last night but just that Bugaboo and I… We believe in Auburn and LOVE it!! WAR EAGLE!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!! I have the Friday song blasting in my head again, ARGH!!

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2 Responses to Little Football Fever

  1. Dianna says:

    What a cutie! Love the one of him kissing the flamingo! Looks like you’ve got yourself a future football star there!

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