Field of Family

The reason I’ve slacked on my posts the past month???

Because over the past month and past several weeks, I’ve been taking photos for several friends to increase my ever so limited photography skills and experience. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but it takes A LOT of time to sort through photos and decide which ones to edit. Pretty much, most evenings, after Bugaboo goes to bed, I hit the computer.

It takes a lot of time for me to complete a set of photos because I sit back and analyze each photo and ask myself what I should have done differently to get a better shot or how I should have positioned them or myself better to create a more unique look, etc… In the end, it is what it is and I’m happy with how they’ve turned out!

There is a lot more still to learn and I’m doing my best to learn it! Just completed a 16 hour online photography course over the weekend and still have several online courses to go!  It’s a slow process since it requires a lot of time and money and I’m lacking in both! But I’m ever so thankful for my family for being so supportive and for believing in me!! I couldn’t do this without them and hope to make them proud one day!

At the end of the year, I’ll have another pile of broken resolutions, but enhancing my photography skills and education won’t be one of them! I’ll have to post a resolutions update soon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS: Just noticed that two of the photos I uploaded were not fully edited. I have another set at home where I used Photoshop to remove eye creases, but guess I e-mailed myself the wrong ones!

PPS:  A shout out to my cousin back in Pittsburgh who won another big fight!! Congrats and hope to catch a match in person soon!!

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5 Responses to Field of Family

  1. Dianna says:

    I think your photos are fantastic! What a nice looking family. I’m sure you had fun photographing them. The only time I’ve come close to doing something like that was taking photos of a couple who were going to get married in our yard. I took about 200 pictures of them in our yard for them to choose one to use for their pre-wedding picture. It was fun!
    That’s quite an undertaking – all those hours of online classes. I’m impressed!

  2. I for one have missed ya around here. Seems like you’ve been a very busy girl putting your energies into this photography of yours! Time well spent I see; nice work here. I think, #2 and #6 are my favorites, but they are all good. Good luck with the rest of your classes. Looking forward to seeing more when you get a chance to share.

  3. gapgrad says:

    These are so good!! All your hard work has totally paid off!! I would totally use you for some family photos if we lived a little closer :D. Welcome back to blogging! I’ve missed you 🙂

  4. thegrommom says:

    Wow–I’m impressed. Those are some awesome photos! I love all of the angles and shots you got. Way to go!
    keep it up, I think it’s worth taking some time away when you’re doing good work like that! 🙂
    If I take time away it’s because I’m folding too much laundry or chasing kids around a skate park…hehe–you’re being productive!

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