WOW It’s Been Awhile!

I was taking a walk down memory lane and opened up the blog to read some past posts. I was shocked to see that the last post was in 2011!!


2011??? Has it been that long? It really does not seem like that long!

A lot has changed! But then, not really.

I’m still struggling in several areas and some of my resolutions have changed.

I really have missed blogging! I’ve missed reading my favorite blogs on a regular basis. Time is NOT my friend these days. I feel like I’m always being pulled in several different directions and losing my mind trying to keep everything somewhat together!

I’m excited to get back to this- more for me. I need this. I’ve never been good with diaries or journals but this, this I can do again.

I know I still want to keep with the Broken Resolution theme because my life has been full of broken resolutions and I’m tired of it. I feel that a lot of people struggle in this area too and I’m not alone. Since January, I’ve been working on several resolutions that I made and excited to see them come to fruition.

So, once more, I’m going to try this out and hope this blog will keep me accountable, even if no one reads it, I need this.

So, in the next few weeks I will be looking into updating everything on here and giving a rundown on things that have been going on!

2015 image

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2 Responses to WOW It’s Been Awhile!

  1. Dianna says:

    Welcome back! I had wondered how you are; glad you’ve decided to get back into blogging. I’m still at it – 4 1/2 years later!

    • I know! I still follow you! I think it’s great that you are still in it after all this time! And several other blogs I follow too. I’ve missed this. I still can’t believe it’s been so long. It doesn’t seem like it!

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