2015 Resolutions Part 1

This post might be a little long-winded. I can’t sleep (not off to a great start to go to bed earlier).

I’ll keep it simple though. Back in January, I pretty much made the same resolutions that I have made the past 5 years… lose weight, eat healthier, go to bed earlier, be more organized, be a better person all around including mother, and read through the entire Bible. There are several more and I’m sure I’ll get to them and talk about them at some point (I wrote out a whole page of things I wanted to work on).

Here’s where I stand mid-March:

~I exercise regularly at a local gym and love it! I have a great support team and use some great tools to help me stay on track! I’ll share more about that in a later post!

~I know how to prepare healthy meals but honestly just don’t make the time to meal plan and prep so pretty much eating healthier is an epic FAIL! But I’m working on it…maybe 🙂

~Going to bed earlier…I’m still up after midnight, aren’t I?? Although, honestly, I have been getting to bed earlier and sleeping more. Just not tonight. I have too many thoughts to process!

~I am becoming more organized and love it! We are busting out at the seams in our tiny home and it does make organization difficult when you have no space! (We’re moving in August, YAY!!!) I am so excited but trying to play it cool since we still have awhile to go! But just thinking about having more space makes me giddy with Pinterest organizing and home decorating delight!

~ I like to think I’m a pretty dang good mom, but being honest, I still need to work on my patience and learn not to get upset and yell. I know I’m not the only one out there who struggles in this area so that is a comfort but it’s an area I truly am not proud of and desperately working to change. I’ve read countless articles and tips but when the moment happens, all that goes out the window! It’s an area I’m giving over to God because I can not overcome anything myself… which leads me to my next resolution…

~Reading through the entire Bible. I’ve been a born-again Christian for most of my life and I am ashamed to say I’ve never read through the Bible. It’s not surprising to know that I’ve started many, many times but never finished. BUT this year is not just any year, 2015 is the year I stop making excuses. But I’ve learned the past several years and even more recently that I am nothing and cannot accomplish anything on my own and need a Rescuer to help me. And what a Rescuer He is! I’ve learned so much this year just in my Bible reading and devotions. Scriptures are coming alive and becoming more clear to me. I’m sure I’ll share some things throughout the year that I’ve read but now just excited to say that reading my Bible is a resolution that I am on track with and do not want to let it go.

Again, there are so many other little things that I wanted to work on this year and have started but will share more about those in a 2015 Resolutions Part 2.

I want to close with this:

dont quit quoteDon’t give up!! I’ve realized something recently… I’m worth it! I’ve failed at many things in my life more times than I care to count but one thing that is important to remember… never give up on yourself! And because I’m worth it, I have a Rescuer by my side, and believe in myself, I am going to succeed. It’s not going to be easy and it hasn’t thus far, but it’s been an interesting journey with many ups and downs! And this is what my blog is essentially going to be about… my journey to accomplishing my resolutions and everything in between.

First tip on achieving/accomplishing your resolutions… BELIEVE IN YOURSELF (and take a few selfies along the way!!)!


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    Love it!

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