Keeping it Real

I was going to share my fitness journey over the past year but since I’ve been in a two week slump and just now fighting my way out of it, I’ll wait until next week when I’m back on solid ground and feel a little better about the subject I’m writing on!

One of my many resolutions I made this year was to “keep it real.” My interpretation of keeping it real means being true to yourself and who you are. I wrote it down in hopes that I would stop comparing myself/my life/my family to others. It’s easy to look around and get boggled down by what other people around you are doing/going/hanging out with etc…

My focus for most of my life is and has been on things that truly don’t matter in the long-run. It doesn’t matter who you know, how much money you make, how big your house is, what kind of car you drive, what size clothes you wear, or where you go!

Because, A house with nice expensive things can burn down, a car can be wrecked, a body can change, a shark can bite you on the most amazing expensive beach trip ever (just saying ūüėČ )

I’m tired of comparing myself to others and their lives!

I have a good life. A simple life, but an awesome one nonetheless. I have a great family, a job that I love, and a roof over my head. I have it so good. My mom reminded me of that. She reminded me that everything here is temporary and our focus should be on eternal things and not material things.

So why waste another precious moment on this earth where I’m not guaranteed a tomorrow¬†by trying to gain material things in attempt to “keep up with others” or try to gain the approval of others. It’s not worth it. Plus, no matter how hard we try, you will never¬†please everyone.

I don’t want to be someone I’m not. The woman I truly am is not concerned with fashion, make-up, expensive cars, houses, latest trends, etc.

I care about my family. I care about others who are hurting and in need.

I’m most comfortable and happy with my hair up in a messy bun, no make-up, wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and flops. I love being around people¬†who love to laugh, help others, encourage one another, and who do not get a rush by¬†gossiping and putting others down.

I’m 31. Not 13.It’s time to be thankful for the life God gave me and the only thing I need to worry about from this point on, is living my life for Him and loving others to the best of my ability.

Here’s another great quote!


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1 Response to Keeping it Real

  1. Dave says:

    We just finished a good bible study by John Ortberg. The title was “At the end of the game it all goes back in the box.” None of it matters. Great perspective that you realize at a young age!

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